My Gray Haired Groom; Disappointed

Continued from His Mum Said I was No Baby I heard a familiar voice talking with the feiry man Ukadi kept at the gate and drew the expensive golden blinds apart for confirmation. My father stood there looking disturbed and I felt my head swell with pride. I knew he would come looking for me, … Continue reading My Gray Haired Groom; Disappointed

Baby Merchant: Home Sick

We passed through the poorly lit passage a into a dark spacious but vacated foyer. My giant escorts stopped and I wondered if they were up to any mischief. The light came on and a uniformed lady, hastened out from a fully stuffed room, holding a neatly folded towel and some room supplies. She walked … Continue reading Baby Merchant: Home Sick

Wild Eyes..

"Hello!," she had whispered and had waved her palm over his face to get his attention one cool evening while they were having a stroll in the neighbourhood. His eyes had gone wild as usual, her anger had mounted on seeing such an act that had become a ritual. If he had not jerked back … Continue reading Wild Eyes..

Baby Merchants; Desperate For Shelter

The night was fast approaching and I was leaning on a Honda Civic parked in front of Fontana Hotel, thinking about how stupid I had been to leave my comfort zone and cosy bed to a harsh life. I was about to take the next bus to my friend's house when a young woman-Rebecca walked … Continue reading Baby Merchants; Desperate For Shelter

Life Is Strong.

The pearly tears droppped on his garment and soaked in. He had less than a week to live. He knew it would soon happen; the long awaited day would soon sneak in to bring his existence to an end. The malignous tumours had stretched their deadly tentacles in his cells and had incapacitated him - … Continue reading Life Is Strong.


He loved and married a charming but promiscuous woman. She had promised to clean up before the knots but had broken her promise ten times in three years . He couldn’t break away, he couldn’t break free from her hold, she had a charm about her, disarming and bone crushing charm. A week ago, she … Continue reading Maimed

Baby Merchants:- Keeping Secrets

I felt something coming up my throat. It brought a very unpleasant feeling. I tried to resist the urge to spew but it came all the way up to my mouth. I ran, to the bathroom adjacent to my room before it reached my clenched teeth, put my face in the basin and threw it … Continue reading Baby Merchants:- Keeping Secrets