Writing Challenge: Day 7

Absurdity BEN OY - *LEFT BY EX.*LEFT WIFE FOR EX*MARRIED EX*LEFT BY EX AGAIN*TWO FAILED MARRIAGES*TWO CHILDREN. SACKED FOR UNPRODUCTIVITY *DEPRESSED*LONELY*COMES OUT ONLY FOR DELIVERY… Ben hurried up, drove the tickled readers away, yanked the ten posters off the trees, and wished he exploded with hate for his ex and idiocy. .~~~~

Writing Challenge: Day 5

Wanted The policeman showed her the picture of the kind-hearted, benevolent philanthropist who visited her, said encouraging words and handed her a large sum that cleared all her financial needs. 'This young man is heaven-bound. Is he a political aspirant?' 'He robbed a bank 5 years ago.' The childless widow shuddered. ~~~~~

Writing Challenge: Day 4

No Trial "On account of mental disorder, the defendant is not criminally responsible. He won't undergo trial but will be taken into custody of designated mental Institution.” Few minutes later, Ikenna watched the boy who set his car on fire walk away and felt like yelling at someone who needed to be heedful. ~~~~~

Writing Challenge: Day 3

Strange Follow Original Photo: unsplash.com 5:15 am, Victoria jogged along the lonely slopy path, preoccupied by the harmonious music blaring in her ears, oblivious of a strange follow. He wore a hooded black gown and a face mask. She turned and froze when he whistled her name to see him kneeling there with the ring. [...]

Writing Challenge: Day 2

All For Giving Overwhelmed with compassion, he extended a giving hand, but they all gathered before the money could make it to her. Startled, he turned to them but felt the tens of blows that brought him down. “Stop! You barbarians. He didn't steal from her.” The blows ceased as did his breath. ~~~

Writing Challenge: Day 1

Gone Beneath Photo Credit: danviet.vn The fancy lights above jiggled as every other thing shook. Screams followed, then pitch darkness. He could neither move nor speak. His wife lay by his side, very still. In vain, he struggle beneath against the rubbles. “Anyone there?” He heard those voices but wept when they faded away. ~~~~~ [...]