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They learn what you do not what you say

They had gone dead silent and moody for the rest of the evening after hearing Kenneth’s marriage definition. His mum had made it clear to him the next day that his version of the eight letter word had to be a family secret.

She made him promise he would never share that same explanation with anyone else because doing so would mean betrayal of family. She had given him rewards often to seal his lips.

Ever since Kenneth had noticed a change of attitude between his mum and dad. Strange enough, they had gone friendly, kissed often, snuggled, held hands and sometimes walked hand in hand.

He and his sister had watched from a distant, surprised and at the same time ashamed of the unusual behavior.

Now that his sister had come up with that same word, wanting to know what the actual meaning could be, he had to find a way to refine his former definition hoping his sister won’t tell.

“Promise me you’ll keep it a secret,” Kenneth said. His little sister nodded.

“Marriage happen when two people,” he whispered, “a man and a woman come to live together to make babies,” he paused to think. “But after a while,” he continued,”they begin to yell at each other, fight, punch and kick things,” he paused to look at his sister’s gloomy face. “The good part is, in the end they become friends and happy.”

He finished with his index finger over his closed lips and had to stalk his sister to be sure.