My Best Wedding Ruiner #2

It was very early in the morning when I opened my eyes to find myself in a very cozy bed. I raised my head to see the white satin sheet I was lying on and the soft pillows and throw pillows all over my bed. It seemed he carried me to that room when I slept off on the couch because I couldn’t recall going to that room by myself.

I looked at the tiled floor, it wasnt like the ones I was used to. It was of high quality and the closet was something to behold.

I rubbed my eyes and walked and changed my mind concerning Ukadi. Not that I fell in love with him because of his taste for quality furnitures and beautiful interior decorations, far from it.

I began to think of him as civilized and not as uncivilized as I had always thought of him. I guessed constant traveling had made it possible. If only I would but love him, I might see him with romantic eyes and probably see him as a great package with many goodies inside. For now he is the Ukadi that I used to know.

Nothing had changed as far as my feelings for him is concerned.

I got up and walked to the closet and opened it, it was full of clothes. Assorted types, casual, corporate, party, traditional wears and so on. I tried some of them on and they fitted perfectly.

Did he stuck the wardrobe for me? Really?

I was still trying to pull off my last when I heard a knock on the door.

I quickly pulled off and packed the pile of clothes I scattered on the floor and pushed them inside the closet before answering the door.

When I saw him, I recalled the incident of the previous day and my countenance changed.

He had forcefully taken me to his house and had kept me when I was supposed to be with my family!

I sat quietly in the gorgeous chair before the dressing mirror frowning and he pulled another chair to sit on and moved my chair to face him.

“Hope you slept well.” He said

I stood up.

“Please Ukadi, I beg you to take me home. I’m not comfortable here. I feel like you kidnapped me” I screamed and his mum came to the door again.

I sat down.

She could pass for a good eaves dropper because she was always there at the door at the slightest argument between us.

“Don’t say that again, you’ll be leaving on Sunday when I travel back to Lagos.” He said as he got up to let his mum in.

I kept quiet with a lot of thoughts on my mind.

I didn’t want to upset her. From the look of things her desire for the marriage to take place between us beat that of Ukadi.

“Good morning ma.” I greeted respectfully. Ukadi made to say something but she made a gesture to silence him.

How are you?” She asked touching my ruffled hair then my shoulder, pulled a short stool from under the bed which I wasn’t aware of and sat facing the gap between me and Ukadi as if she was trying to cover it up and bring us closer.

He continued..

“Mama, Amaka had been behaving somehow ever since the engagement. I have tried to make things work but it seems she was prepared to make my life difficult.”

“What is it Amaka?” she asked with her eyes glaring at me and I noticed since I knew her she could be a determined woman.

“My son had been very nice to you and all you do is pay him back in this way?” she said and I kept silent.

“Don’t worry Mama. Leave everything to me. I told her she won’t be leaving until Sunday. I’m proving a point. Amaka you are my wife to be. You are not my girlfriend but my fiancee.”

He took a step to stump away but turned back.

“And long as you have been collecting gifts from me, you must work towards getting married to me. I’ll be coming back next weekend to see your people for our proper marriage rites.” He said with an authoritative voice and I sensed determination in each one of them. First his mum then him

Who on earth forces a very young girl to marry a man old enough to be her father?

I kept silent. No need to talk. It’s pointless. My father would never accept the new development since I had to finish up my SSCE before marriage. That was the agreement. But my fear was if he could use his financial weapon to get everyone moving in his direction. It’s possible in a world full of money mongers. Those whose brain stop working when they see a flash of money can do that.

“Please I need to go home now. I need to go home.”

“Don’t you think this is your home too?” His mum asked gently.


To be continued….

Except for my work, My Gray Haired Groom.