Book Addiction

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Mr Greg’s book addiction? It’s beyond his family. Thousands in his house, everywhere. The bedroom has so many books that his wife has been pushed. out. Greg says he needs them all. His kids think it’s weird. The his kids it’s weird to have books that one can’t finish in ones lifetime and weirder to insure those books.

But no one can be better than Greg in knowledge. He leads many organisations.

When things go wrong, Greg knows what to do.


All For Giving

Overwhelmed with compassion, he extended a giving hand, but they all gathered before the money could make it to her. Startled, he turned to them but felt the tens of blows that brought him down. “Stop! You barbarians. He didn’t steal from her.” The blows ceased as did his breath.


Writing Challenge


When we overcome any challenge, we feel good about ourselves, build inner strength, have self-trust, self-respect and become better doers. So, with this in mind, I’m going to take little macho steps through what I have not been able to do as a writer;


I’m going to undergo a 30 days writing challenge without fail. I’m going to create and post a 50-words short story each day until the end of my challenge. My journey starts on 16th July to end on 14th August. Because its a challenge, a fail should not be acceptable to my followers. So, there won’t be. You’re invited to watch me through it as my cheer, to encourage and support.



It’s not really about what I want to be, but what I finally become.

Story Writing followed me everywhere I went, yet I ignored it to pursue science, until I got battered by chains of carbon and physics formulas. My initial desire, a deep longing and the reason why I chose sciences, was to become a well known and respected medical doctor. But when the wind of life blew and got me in an entirely different course that wasn’t related to what I wanted, it got me thinking seriously; it’s not all about what we want to be but what we finally become. So, if I’m asked to go back to school and correct my wrongs, I would most likely study English and Master in Creative Writing but that’s just by the way.

I started writing as a kid, and most of my works were cast away when I got tired of reading them alone. I couldn’t even show them to anyone because I didn’t think it was necessary to show my work. I wrote for myself anyway. To me, writing was a hobby, nothing more. Only one of my short stories was able to make it to the school magazine because we were asked to write and submit stories to the Editor. Mine was among the top ten and got published. It felt so good knowing I had my story on print. But then, that’s just it. Nothing followed. I continued to write for myself.

So not until recently I made up my mind to turn back and embrace writing fully and work on my writing skill. No matter the career I have established for myself, I’ve decided to do what I love doing because it comes naturally to me. No struggles. No hustle. No bustle. Just type away when the ideas flow.

Even though I did not study creative writing in school. I work so hard towards becoming a great writer. The future will surely find me a better writer and probably get me appreciated with bowls of something cheery. Until that time, I will keep writing to improve- If not for anything, to get things off my mind and probably prevent a cluster, and at the same time give others something to look at and think about life.