Book Addiction

Mr Greg’s book addiction? It’s beyond his family. Thousands in his house, everywhere. The bedroom has so many books that his wife has been pushed. out. Greg says he needs them all. His kids think it’s weird. The his kids it’s weird to have books that one can’t finish in ones lifetime and weirder to … More Book Addiction

All For Giving

Overwhelmed with compassion, he extended a giving hand, but they all gathered before the money could make it to her. Startled, he turned to them but felt the tens of blows that brought him down. “Stop! You barbarians. He didn’t steal from her.” The blows ceased as did his breath. ~~~

Writing Challenge

When we overcome any challenge, we feel good about ourselves, build inner strength, have self-trust, self-respect and become better doers. So, with this in mind, I’m going to take little macho steps through what I have not been able to do as a writer; CHALLENGING MYSELF. I’m going to undergo a 30 days writing challenge … More Writing Challenge


It’s not really about what I want to be, but what I finally become. Story Writing followed me everywhere I went, yet I ignored it to pursue science, until I got battered by chains of carbon and physics formulas. My initial desire, a deep longing and the reason why I chose sciences, was to become … More Musing