Keeping Peace #4

“Clement was at my house early this morning.” Stephanie’s mum had begun during lunch break at her office and Stephanie was taken aback.

“Listen, I truly understand how you feel but I still maintain that if you really want to have a blissful, peaceful relationship with anyone, you must be ready to pay a price. That’s called sacrifices.

Stephanie went dead silent as her eyes moistened while her mum continued. “And you know something about sacrifice? It pains! It pains to give it out. Please go home today and do what he’s asking of you”

But she remained adamant and Clement passed the evening in silent aloofness and as she stepped into the bedroom after her bath, one of the pillows had disappeared as well as the spare duvet.

He had gone to the visitors’ room to pass the night and she later stood before the dining table for a while mopping at the food he refused to eat.

“It’s the normal thing. Don’t worry. He will get over it. Everything will be fine in the end” she told herself.

But when Clem left in the morning again without the usual teasing and laughing section with her, she wondered what next.

What would she do? Give in?


Talk to someone?

Definitely! But, neither her mother nor Amaka should serve that purpose.

Someone else should.

Someone wiser, more exposed and more educated.

She stood in the balcony, her knuckles firm on her hips as she daydreamed away the 45 minutes in her hand before leaving for work. Her eyes were fixed absent-mindedly on Mrs Gelu’s golden brown house when it hit her,

“She’s that someone I could talk to. Why didn’t I think about her before now?” She said to her self, nodding her head thoughtfully


Mrs Gelu was Stephanie’s neighbour, her house was behind hers. She was a strong-willed pretty widow in her late 60’s. Some did not like how bossy she was and how she used her husband as her handbag when he was alive and some said she should stop having anything to do with politics and the army.

She was one of the neighbours Clem asked her to be careful with. Reason; she had a bad past. But Stephanie was not the type to look down on people because of their past. She kept her distance anyway, she needed to please him.

But now that she had broken one useless rule, she was ready to break another.

She looked at her wristwatch, adjusted her shoulder bag from the left to right, a little nervous and walked towards Mrs Gelu’s gate.

She knocked on the gate and two dogs responded with continuous barking and after a strong rattle of the door bolt and chains, the door opened and the chatter began during which Stephanie was more of a listener. Mrs Gelu was such a talkative.

Odd Fate #5

6: 30 pm, after hours of intense combing of the ocean depth for Mary and the Strange Man, and with darkness taking over the arena, the search team was at the verge of giving up for the day.

It would mean that Captain Gregory’s only child had been drowned in the massive ocean and coming back the next day, would be to look for their remains.

But fortunately the management of Ocean Star, the company Captain Gregory worked in had organised a night search team to take over from where they stopped and the search had continued.

Thousands of miles away, the news had reached a small community market just like many other places that same evening, that a boy and a girl were carried by demon whirlwind and dumped in Lagos Atlantic ocean. Some said they were lost forever while some said they were still being searched for

Those who heard it kept wringing their hands quite upset and afraid for their own lives. It’s a rare occurrence they said. Something out of the ordinary.

“This is strange. Things happen in our time that the ear could hear and burst.” one woman said.

“They might have done something abominable. The wind doesn’t carry people like that and the sea doesn’t swallow people for nothing,” the second woman said and everyone nodded in affirmative.

A passer-by who overheard her said, “Thats unkind words woman! It could happen to any one of us. Do not blame people’s misfortune on their wrongdoing. Be kind. What happened was just a rare natural disaster and they’re the victims.”

“But such whirlwind……storm or whatever they call it doesn’t happen as such in this part of the world. Why did it happen and why did it carry the particular lady and man to the Atlantic? To the Atlantic!” She argued while the passer-by continued on her way.

A middle-aged man, a buyer stood there waiting for some seller’s attention and shook his head when she was done.

“Women! That’s why I’m not married yet. Their tongue had been my problem,” he teased and his brother laughed.

“There are exceptions Mark. Don’t discourage me now.” his brother, who had seen his lost rib at fifty-one said.


Before dark, Mary’s mother had called the search team fifteen times for an update. She was very worried as she listened to her husband’s moan.

The pain in his neck and legs had resumed after two hours of painkillers and the nurse assigned to him had told him to wait for an hour more for another painkiller.

He kept asking every now and then, “Where is my daughter? Where is Mary?”

Dogs Don’t Care

Second blog on Fiezstory. Scooped from the archive. I love watchdogs.


You own the house, the tenant owns the dog. You have to travel and stay away for quite some time for a reason.

Finally, you decide to go back home and on reaching your house you discover you can’t enter your own house. Your tenants furious dog is right in front of the house about to make your life a living hell and refuse you access to your house. It begins to growl and bark.

Your tenant is not around to make the dog behave. You have to hasten outside the gate and have to stick outside the gate to wait for your tenant to come back.

Your tenant comes back and takes the dog away. You look at it, it growls at you showing its wicked eyes and teeth.

The next day you step into your compound, about to go out, and the dog on seeing you, makes at…

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Odd Fate #4

It was 5:32 pm same day, Mary’s father lay unconscious in the hospital bed at Eko General Hospital with oxygen mask over his nose. His neck was secured with braces and right leg heavily bandaged and raised above the rest of his body.

Mary’s mother sat by his side crying softly. Her tears flowed like a fountain. She was at the verge of losing the two most important people in her life, and her mothers consoling remarks were like a fishinghook drawing at her heart. She would rather have her muted.

She had been barricaded from running away to the Atlantic Ocean to a be part of her daughter’s rescue and as she sat by her husband, her only resort at that moment was The Holy Bible she was holding on her left palm, on this she placed her husband’s pale left palm and the following words she kept whispering to The Invisible, “please save them. Please save them.”

Some members of the extended family, close friends and few well-wishers (those who were not strong enough to make it to the ocean, about eleven of them in total) waited at the Eko general hospital reception area. They held their chins in their palm – a sympathetic gesture born out of saddeness incurred by the sudden unfortunate event.

They whispered prayers for his survival and that of his only child-Mary.

One hour passed and Mary’s mother appeared through one the doors at the reception area and they all stood to hear the news. Uncertainty tugged at their their appearance.

“My husband has come back.” she announced.

They all jumped up in excitement before realising the pain in their legs and ache of their waists.

“But my daughter Mary hasn’t been found as at the time I spoke with the team leader.” she said and started sniffing.

Those without staff had their hands folded across their chests and they all whispered prayers and consolations as they followed her to welcome Captain Gregory back to earth.


Odd Fate #3

The windstorm increased its velocity and in seconds they hovered above the shore of the Atlantic Ocean. It steadied itself on the wet sandy beach, a few centimetres from the seashore, lingered there for a while, spinned closer to the waters and dropped them.

Mary lay where she was dropped dizzy. The strange man had gotten to his feet. The rescuers were four yards away when water wave rolled over Mary and swept her into the sea.

In less than ten seconds, Mary’s face appeared above the water. Both hands beat the surface and her legs kicked against the water in an effort to keep her face above the water.

The strange man jumped into the ocean to rescue her while three rescuers followed. A jet boat with unknown rider approached from a distance but another wave came. This time it went thirty-feet high, rolled over Mary and the strange man who had started pulling her to the shore, wrapped its length around them and continuously rolled them away from the rescuers before settling.

Everyone waited for them to surface but nothing happened.

“This whole thing is weird.” One of the onlookers standing at the beach said.

“Where could they be?” One of the rescuers asked his colleague.

“Probably in the bottom. Let the divers go.” said the team leader.

Three divers plunged into the ocean and the to search for Mary and the strange man began.