Do What’s Best For You

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Thoughts, suggestions Only matter When You’ve Got An Option


bothered and saddened

before the mirror, she stands

There’s a must attend

and problem abound

big big problem

No new wardrobe

to wear

No money to buy

shame has become of her

wear her old outfit?

that’s a NO

New occasion?

old clothes?

old shoes?



How could she wear

The clothes she had

worn before

to a great occasion

Her friends will be there

Her colleagues too

They will look

They will judge

discomfort will surely

be her crown

That’s a bad feeling

bad bad feeling

Her friends know better

They know that

new occasion attracts

new clothes

new clothes attract

new shoes,

new outfit attracts

fresh admiration

And so

everything must be new

From hair to toe

that’s what she’s used to

that’s what she wants to do

her life had been shaped

by what they think

she’s there to please

and her priority is

their sense of sight

that she must please

should she grows tired

of pleasing?


she doesn’t want

a different image

in a world, she’s well known

the thoughts of men

must rule her life

She feels that what

Makes a person better

Is peoples judgement

if they mock the shit

out of her

she would likely mend

and become better

so as to be praised next

so now

she’d rather stay

then take the shame

She must be in

Not pushed out

Now her mind whispers

‘wear what you have Ellie

just like how you eat what

you have

It’s what you have

thoughts matter

when you’ve got it all


thoughts matter less

When it’s all you’ve got


Dug out from my trashed and buried draft


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