Just One More

“I understood once I held a baby in my arms, why some people… keep having them.” Spalding Gray They already had three in their hands, the perfect number for him. He didn’t want any other and had told her to take care of things. The fewer the better he had sworn. But not so with … More Just One More

Keeping Peace #5

After offering her seat in her well-furnished living room, Mrs Gelu used up twenty minutes of Stephenie’ s time talking about her dogs. “I’ve not seen dogs like these two. They’re super watchdogs. I have no regrets. No burglar looks at my territory. If reincarnation happened, I would surely come back with these two” she … More Keeping Peace #5

Odd Fate #6

While the search team looked for Captain Gregory’s daughter in the massive ocean, the Strange Man had since swum to the shore with her unconscious body, away from the tempest, to his exotic world. Since the wind didn’t drop her and the sea desired her, she was likely to be the one they had been … More Odd Fate #6

Alone Time

The greatest challenge of an average man is time alone. Our world is filled with a lot of commitments. No doubt these commitments are important because without them we won’t be able to fulfil obligations of life. Time after time we give some quality time to our work, friends, family, the media, and so on … More Alone Time