Thou inevitable menacing eventuality

Thou irreversible loss of faculty

Invisibly existing from inception

Locked within the crate of infancy

Overriden, terrified by juvenile

But courageously storming at climax


Thou resolutely descend at retirement

Pushing to the loathsome derailment

Pretty creatures to deterioration

Thy revolting withered achievement

Revealing thy alteration proof

Oh! Thou formidable lethal unguis


Power beyond the competence of wits

Thou slight the concealing mask to fix

And defeat the slowing ploy with time

Thy dentine tearing all resistant tricks

To wreck the fabric of alluring design

And devow till one’s frail and gaunt


Thou who strike til one’s beaten

Thou who bite til one’s eaten

Mock and dare all to resist

For each attempt thy fang to deepen

Follow the hollow to the depth within

Keep toiling til the entirety is damned

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