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Happy People Play

“Are you alright?”

“Do I look alright to you?”


“Is it wrong to show I care?”

“Were you supposed to ask questions you already know the answers to?”

“What do you think I should’ve said instead?”

Tone high and firm

“Why do you always want me to put words in your mouth?”

“Why are you this difficult Grace?”

“Have you ever thought you might be the one reason why life’s so miserable for me and why I’m ‘this difficult’?”


“What did you just say to me?”

“What did you hear me say?”

“Would you please repeat your second to last question?”

“Will you answer the question if I repeat it?”

Eyes glaring.

“Why are you looking at me that way?”

“What way am I looking at you?”

“What’s that in your eye? Anger? Hate?”

“What do you think?”

“Are you…a hawk? .…a tiger or something?”

“Am I?”


Where’s everyone?

“Ain’t you breaking the rule of the game? Don’t you know you’re not allowed to change the topic?”

Okay I give in, you won.

“Yeeeeeeeah I won! Ten times in a row! I’m on a roll!!”

“Awesome. Now give yourself a loud of applause.”

Both clap, Laugh, laugh again, then again and hug..

strong sighs of relief from the eavesdroppers.

“A game?”

“Looks like it”

“It’s just a game?”

“These two grown ups will never cease to amaze me.”

“Can’t believe they made us think they’re having a row.”

“This a question game?”

“I guess a conversational question game.”

“Sure mum invented it.”

“And dad initiated it.”

Giggles follow

“They scared the guts out of me. I’m happy it’s just a game.”

“I love their laughter. It’s like music to my ear.”






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