Our Journey To Maturity

This is our journey to wisdom.

The very week we were born up to two weeks, we kept looking at everything and everyone around us without a single idea of who and what they were.

We had no idea.

We were so blank up there and so much so that we couldn’t even recognise the woman who conceived and carried us for nine months nor the man that took part in it all.

We ate whatever we were given.

Went wherever we were taken no matter how dangerous.

We wore whatever clothes that we were given and didn’t know a thing about what we wanted.

At that time the only way of expressing ourselves was – crying.

That’s what I call witlessness at it’s worst.

But as time passed by, our brains continued to develop and mature and we began to recognise more the people and things around us and began to do things that we were not able to do before and each passing day we woke up smarter.

At the age of seven, we began to reason and understand more of the things that happened around us and why they happened. We began to understand explanations more and at that time it became a little hard for an adult to deceive, manipulate and use our heads but not completely free because our maturity had not come to its fulness.

We did stupid things that made the adults think we were still very immature.

Then came the adolescence.

When our eyes and mind opened to see clearly and our minds just landed on it’s first realization of everything.

This was when we suddenly think we know everything and realized how much we had been controlled, deceived and subdued by adults.

That’s why we began to say no to almost everything in defiance.

Call it ‘premature wisdom‘.

Because we couldn’t control this kind of wisdom it controlled us and ruled over our lives.

We began to see every other person as foolish even our parents and see their advice as old fashioned.

We’re so defiant that others found us so impossible and lost all hope.

But as time passed by we gradually began to take our control over the ‘premature wisdom’, little by little until we were completely in control.

Then came maturity, the dawn of wisdom.

We began to listen more, things began to make more sense and we began to understand. We began to let go.

We began to think before acting and as a result, we made the right decisions and didn’t need anyone to make our choices for us.

That’s when we took full responsibility of our lives.

It’s when we said no or yes when we should and stood by it.

We were able to control our ’emotions’ to appear foolish before the immature either to make someone happy or for peace to reign and didn’t feel inferior about it.

The age of sacrifice.

But at this stage, some adults remained immature.

The immature ones!

These are the people who think they are wise and look at maturity as foolishness. They find it difficult growing up from their ‘premature wisdom’. They do things that make them feel good even if it means hurting others. They fail to listen, they fail to understand. They start wars and never backs down. They kindle every fire without considering the outcome. They bully, slander and do other immature stuff.

We understand.

They’re stuck somewhere while the matured ones advanced.

But they don’t need to remain there.

They can advance too.

They can be matured.

It’s mportant the world around that they do. So as to avoid hurting themselves, others and the entire world.

Find out more.on how to become mature.

There’s Something About Fiction

It’s okay to read real stories and get moved by them. It’s okay to cry over the tragedy, laugh over the comedy, judge the characters, sympathise with the victims of a certain crime and wish they got justice. It’s okay to curse the bad guys and wish nemesis caught up with them soon.

But when I read fiction and do the same, I laugh at my pointless emotional display. Why should I? There should be a limit to the emotions I feel during the reading process.

I’ve tried not to cry, I’ve tried tapping my heart on the back while it raced during suspension and had said to it, do not take things here seriously. Its all made up- it’s all from the head of the writer.

Yet, I still get thrilled, suspended, horrified captivated and more. I still end up thanking God it ended well. I still shed real tears at the tragedy. I still say to one of the characters, Oh Mary, I’m so disappointed in you. Never knew you could behave that way. Never knew you could be so stupid. I trusted you.

Here is that thing about fiction- the thin line between fiction and non-fiction is often blurred, almost overlapped by the fact that fiction has some element of reality to it. It’s often derived from reality. This thin line is further obscured by the fact that work of imagination can bring about significant conclusion about truth and reality. It’s no wonder people watch a fictitious movie on the screen and go home with teary eyes for example. They dab their eyes with handkerchiefs and sometimes wail.

Fiction writers are brave and good enough to impact the readers.

They write it, they tell you it’s simple work of fiction and then turn around and make you unconsciously feel that it actually happened.

The Sunshine Blogger Award

I was nominated for The Sunshine Blogger Award by a very nice person Dawn Ivey whose blog has given me tons of strength and hope.


Thank you Dawn for nominating me. Please visit her blog, Drawing Closer To Christ.


The Sunshine Blogger Award is peer recognition for bloggers that inspire positivity and joy.

The Rules;

1. Use The Sunshine Blogger Award Logo.

2. Thank the person that nominated you.

3. Answer the 11 questions that you’ve been asked.

4. Nominate 11 bloggers and ask them 11 questions.


Questions I was asked;

Q1. What is an important lesson youve learned in life?

I have learned that my happiness springs from within and I can only be happy if I want to.

Q2. What is a good book you’ve read?

The Power Of Positive Thinking by Norman Vincent Peale.

Q3. What is your favorite characteristic about yourself?

Whatever problem I don’t have solution to don’t go to bed with me.

Q4. What are your hobbies?

Mostly reading, movies and listening to music.

Q5. Why did you start blogging?

I needed a place to show my work to the world, connect with other writers, attwww.divine-royalty.com/2019/05/11/destroy-hatred-with-love-and-kindness/\n6.https://writeforyourself.home.blog/2019/05/18/solitude/ract potential readers and hopefully sell my upcoming novels and get richer.😍🙏🙏

Q6. What topics, if any, have you wanted to write about but haven’t because you feel your “fan base” would not approve.

I will have to say parenting topics😀. My readers follow my creative writing topics so I think they would probably have found parenting topics out of place🙄.

Q7. Are you married or single? Kids or no kids?

I’m married with three kids.

Q8. What are you passionate about and why?

I’m passionate about writing especially fiction. Writing comes naturally to me, It’s one thing I don’t get stressed up doing. I thank God always for this. With my stories I can impact lives.

Q9. What is your favourite food?

One of my traditional food, Rice and Ofe-akwu. I hope you understand.

Q10. What is one of your favorite memories?

My childhood with my siblings growing up together with all the laughter remains one of my most favorite memories.

Q11. If you would wake up in the morning in a different place, what would that place be?

OIA, Greece😍, Santorini to be specific.


I’m grateful for all the blogs I follow. Each one of them has a positive impact on me. Out of so many, I nominate the following 11 bloggers. Thank you all for the drops of sunshine. If you don’t want to participate it’s okay. Just know that your blog has been noticed.












Questions for my nominees;

Q1 What inspired your blogging?

Q2. Which one of your posts do you think is the best and why?

Q3. Whom do you admire the most?

Q4. If you were to invent anything new, what would it be?

Q5. Do you think the pros of social media outweigh the cons? If yes/no, why?

Q6. If you were to live someone else’s life for a reason, who would you chose and why?

Q7. What do you appreciate most in nature?

Q8. What is the best place you’ve ever been to?

Q9. What is the one place you’ve not visited but have been dying to visit?

Q10. What is the one food you’ll not eat for all the gold in the world?

Q11. Do you think you’ll still be blogging if you become the president of your country? Why?

I, Gabriel #2 Obstacles I face


As a future inventor of a sophisticated robot capable of ending human labour, distraction is one of my biggest enemies. If ever I’m going to be crimped, it will definitely be hugely by my supernatural trait.

I’m beginning to think that soon, I mean very soon, everyone will find out and my entire life and plans will be turned upside down.

A minor but powerful source of distraction I face right now is my hyperactive, talkative, of a nanny who at my detriment, is always with me; playing, singing, dancing to entertain me.

The most annoying part happens when she spends all day making funny faces at me, bouncing me severally on her lap and throwing me up in the air to catch me mid-air.

Well, I know she means well but, I wish she could just disappear and leave me alone. As I’m thinking about how to get rid of her, she enters my room again for the twentieth time in an hour and starts talking to me about her son who got bullied at school.

“No one who bullies my child goes free. No bully beats my child! Not my baby!” She slaps both palms on her chest and shakes her head.

“Neither would I allow anyone bully you at school. I would fight back.” She turns to check on me before reaching for the doorknob.

“Fight back? Who? A child?” I ask. She slowly withdraws her hand and listens. I close my eyes. When next I open them, she has gently closed the door.

She re-enters after a few minutes with my meal. I look at her and feel sorry for her. What I’m about to do will surely scare her but my brain is all set to make it happen. I can’t control it now.

“Come on baby. Come take your meal. I’m sure you’re famished. Why don’t you ever cry? You’re such a good child. My former child cried every couple of minutes and I didn’t like it. You’re the best Baby!” She goes on and on until my brain becomes very ready to make the vice happen.

She approaches my cot and hovers over it smiling as she tickles my neck, tummy, feet and the rest of them playfully. I sit up, then stand up, walk to the edge, hold my cot rail and climb down the cot. She becomes amazed, then frantic, then terrorised and then drops my meal on my room mat and runs out the door screaming hell on earth.

I’ve never been amused this much in my entire short life. The echo of my laughter follows her.

Mum rushes into my room after a while, hesitates at the door and walks closer. When she sees I’m sleeping peacefully in my cot, she covers me up with my blanket and kisses my forehead. My Nanny’s head is at the door; about seven arm’s length away from my cot, peeping.

“You’ve got to stop hallucinating Magret and mind my baby,” mum says.

When mum leaves she quickly cleans the mess on the mat, looking at me at the interval. Sooner than I thought she starts picking her few items in my room and leaves in a haste and fails to report to work the next day.

“Yah hoooo! Good news!” I say with my hands raised in the air and my soft feet pressed on my mat when my mum announces to my dad that my nanny says she won’t be coming again.

I’m alone. Time to settle down and draw my plan and to work hard before another nanny comes.

Mum is sure to get another soon.


Persist to Perfect

Our first attempt at anything always appears awkward.

And for writing it could be worse.

When you submit your first work to a publishing company and get a rejection, you hardly take it well because you trust you did a great job. And it happened that what you think was a great job was crap before those professionals.

If you persist and get better, you might get accepted and published.

They won’t accept you because they’re having a good day. They might based on the perfection of the ‘crap’ after several rewriting and editing.

As time slips by, you will have to look back to understand why your work couldn’t make it through in the first and second submission.

Never feel bad because your writing got a snub, a time will come when they will be scrambling to get a glimpse of your work.

Don’t throw anything you have written away even though it belonged nowhere now.

All you need is make it better with a couple of rewrites and lots of editing.

You can never judge the outcome of that work by looking at the very first draft.

With constant practice through persistence, that ‘discardable’ work might turn out to be the reason why you had become the most famous writer in the whole wide world.

How about that?

Octavia E. Butler said,
“You don’t start out writing good stuff. You start out writing crap and thinking it’s good stuff, and then gradually you get better at it. That’s why I say one of the most valuable traits is persistence.”