African Proverbs – Wisdom Speaks

The dog I bought, bit me, the fire I kindled, burned me.


A clear conscience is usually the sign of bad memory.


Criticism is easy but it does not create.


Wise people use their tongue to count the teeth.


You cannot fatten a pig on the market day.


If you want to eat toad, look for a fat one, so that you’ll well deserve being called a toad-eater.


Do not tell the man carrying feaces that he stinks.


Even an ant may harm an elephant.


A mother does not throw the baby away with the bath water


You cannot shave a man’s hair in his absence.


The chicken does not know the cost of corn


Strong people make things happen, weak people let things happen.


Every river knows where it’s water would not be soaked up in the earth, and that’s where it flows past.


Come visit me and come live in my house, are two different things.


African proverbs have a lot of wisdom in them and one gets to the meaning with much deeper thought.

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Two Are Trouble

A lovely couple laughed heartily from a corner of an eatery. From the look of things, they were having a good time – enjoying every bit of the moment.

A woman, who passed by the eatery stopped abruptly and moved closer to the glass window to have a clearer view of them. Her countenance changed suddenly, and she looked as though she could punch someone. She walked into the eatery, walked briskly to their table and demanded for an explanation.

The lady he was with arched her brows and waited. The woman also waited –obviusly losing it.

“Honey, this is Callista, she’s my new colleague at work. Callista, my wife.” he introduced.

The lady’s eyes bulged amidst surprise while brows arched higher.

“You’re married? And for three weeks now you couldn’t mention it to me? Can’t believe this, ” she said, picked her purse and stood up.

His wife laughed hysterically — in such a way that scared him.

Before he could raise up his face to study their faces, the content of two half-filled glasses were already finding their way down his face.

They both left him there looking all over himself. Everyone glared at him.

A mischievous old man sitting right behind him, as if sent, walked up to him.

“Are you alright?” He asked.

“I’m okay, thanks,” he replied, dabbing his face and chest.

“Sorry you had to go through that.”

“It’s okay” he said feeling a bit emotional.

“Kids?”the old man asked.

“Yeah,”he replied wondering.

“She’s a very nice woman you know – your wife.”


“I expected something more….. more….. fatal,” he stopped and looked at him.

“Why? It wasn’t anything serious,” he said smiling, busy with his handkerchief. “Nothing is happening between me and her. She’s just a new colleague of mine. We’re just getting acquainted as co-workers. That’s all.”

“I understand. I understand that kind of colleague and acquainting quite well. She’s the kind who gets mad when she sees you with another woman. I’ve seen lots and lots of them myself.”

“She’s not like that..”

“You know, I began to jerk at the sight of my wife’s shoes from the day my neighbour nearly lost the content of his skull to his wife’s pointy heels while he was at it.

“Women!” he said amidst a grin and stood up to go, but he motioned him back to his seat.

“You’re such a responsible looking man. Why do you do this?” He said looking him in the eye? “I wish I could make you stop this before it kills you.”

“Nothing happened between us.” he said laying emphasis on each word. “There has been some misunderstanding.”

“Yeah–Ever heard of the phrase –two are trouble’?” the old man asked leaning forward.

“No.” he replied with a chuckled.

“Two at the same time are trouble. One is better. And for the sake of your kids, stop.”

“Ain’t you listening to me? Nothing happened? Nothing–happened between us.”

“Beware of bears. Women can turn into angry bears when hurt in this way.” he said gesturing all over the table.

The man waved him away jokingly, stood up and left him there. The old man had turned a deaf ear to his point Why waste time with him?

The man had turned sober by the time he walked outside. He began to muse over why Callista turned angry on hearing he had wife. Was he suppose to tell her? Was she jealous or was she just angry he didn’t tell her about her? Was she getting at him? Was she— but he wasn’t flirting. He was sure of that. Was she—–?

He stood backing the door of the eatery, looked to the right–in the direction his wife had gone and to the left—in the direction Callista had gone. After a second look in both directions, he chose the right.


Ways You Can Help Stop Book Piracy

Telling someone to stop copyright infringement is like telling a person to stop the flies perching on a cow in a fly-infested field. It’s impossible. And until the field is free, the cow won’t.

No matter the strength of the law guarding copyright ownership, pirates will always lie in wait – waiting for the right moment to strike.

We are in a corrupt world where crimes are inevitable, sad to say.
However, there are little ways we can help limit the frequency. And I believe that if every single person in the world would stop buying pirated works, pirates will lose heart.

  1. Do not buy and use pirated books

We need to understand that it’s absolutely wrong for someone else’s years worth of work to be copied and sold by someone who has no idea what his pen looks like or how much it costs. To be able to feel a little of what a writer feels, put yourself in his shoes and walk a distance, feel where it pinches and then you will be able to have the will to say no to piracy.

Many people especially the less informed do buy pirated books without knowing it because they do not know the difference between the original copy and the pirated copy.

How do you tell the difference between pirated copy and the original?

  • Check the book cover

If you see the cover of a pirated book, the images are blurred – not anywhere close to sharp. If you have ever snapped a copy of a photograph, you will understand what I mean. No matter how you try to make it look like the original, it will still look different with an unpleasant appearance. Because of the low-quality paper used in pirated books, the printing and resolution look cheap.

  • Flip the pages

You can flip the pages to take note of the quality of the paper. The paper quality of the pirated version of a book is low due to cheap paper used.

  • Check the binding quality

You will notice that the binding of the book is not done with care and if the page gutter is stretched, there will be a split and the pages will come off easily. This is not so with the original copy which is very strong because of the binding quality.

  • Check For Hologram

In this modern time, publishers use hologram stickers to indicate the originality of a book. So check the back of the book to find the small sticker embedded in it.

2. Report piracy

If you discover a book is pirated, purchase it, making sure you got the name and the location of the bookstore. Contact the publisher and report the crime by offering useful information. You might get rewarded for your kindness.

Some people duplicate books for personal use in their homes or at school because it’s less expensive as well as easily accessible. For example, if my neighbour has a book I’m looking for, instead of going to the market to buy it, I may decide to make a copy. This is completely wrong. It’s always better to borrow a book than make a copy of it.

Someone might say, “but the writer has sold over ten millions copies of that particular book and still sells. It will cost him nothing if someone makes a few copies to sell. After all his name is still on the book. No one is removing it.

Well, that his name is there is even the more reason why it’s his sole right and shouldn’t be copied.

If you want to help distribute a book, go straight to the right source and purchase them at a cheaper rate to sell and make some gain.

” Kill piracy, save creativity”

-Kalyan C. Kankanala