No one kows how to write from the onset. We all learn the art through reading and constant practice.

You see ‘How To Become a Writer’ and you wonder if someone can actually become one. Yes! One can! It’s no surprise, even though those who have flair for words tend to do better.

When someone suddenly says this, “Hey, I want to become a writer now and a good one at that.” and you look at him and he doesn’t have even a bit of what it takes and you think it’s hilarious. It might seem so but he can, he can become whatever he wants as long as he is passionate about it.

There are three types of people.

  • Those inclined to numbers,
  • Those inclined to words
  • Those inclined to pictures

The number of people are drawn to mathematics and calculations and it’s applications. The picture people love art and photography and anything related to it. While the word people love books especially the books in which words are presented in a beautiful way, as he reads, he captures these words, and the way it’s used to paint pictures of people, places and things.

A number person might decide to do something entirely different and become a story writer. It might appear difficult but with zeal for words at work, he can do it.

He can begin to read books like novels and essays, articles and poems more often. Before you know it, they’ve written a novel or an essay and you begin to wonder, is he not an Engineer? A mathematician.

Well, anything can happen.

So how is a writer made?

It all starts with an interest in words. So a writer begins his journey with love for words.

This love for words pushes him to read books, especially novels. As he reads he studies the words, how words are used by the writer, the way he beautifies words, punctuates and so on.

The love for words also keeps him ever close to his dictionary. As he turns the pages, he looks at the words for pronunciation, meaning, application and spelling.

He. also learns through his reading novels that suspense matters. A reader can stay awake all night to finish a book because of the power of suspense. He writes in such a way that makes it difficult for a reader to drop a book halfway.

He not only reads, but he must also write every day of his life, using words the way it will interest the readers because that’s what keeps them coming to his works. He knows that he becomes good through practice.

He is driven by passion. It’s what keeps him moving.

As he writes he is persistent and doesn’t allow anything to stop him, even several rejections.

He has the spirit of excellence and never gets satisfied with what he has written even when others find it perfect. He keeps finding more ways to improve.

In the end, he becomes that writer that everyone talks about.