I pulled my car into the only available parking space, stopped the engine and lay back on my seat to rest a little before alighting. I looked at the water tanker truck parked close to me and mused.

If it were a petrol tanker truck, I shouldn’t park here. It could be extremely dangerous. But since ‘Water Supply’ is clearly written on the tank, there’s no cause for alarm.

Then came another thought as I glanced again at it.

But what if it tumbled side-ward and crushed my car and me?
Nah, that won’t happen. Not a chance.

I picked my phone and plunged deep into Facebook and later swam through it to Instagram and then to WordPress and got carried away by the blogs.

Suddenly, I looked up, absent-minded and felt my car was rolling forward.

It was moving!

I leaned forward, clutched the steering and placed my right foot on the brake pedal in desperate effort to stop the car.

When I felt it wasn’t working, my heart began to beat fast and then faster and then raced. I turned frantic, felt light headed and then dazed.

I looked at the tanker parked beside me, it stood still.
I looked at my car, it was rolling forward but still at the spot where I packed it.

Wow! I’m I hallucinating? I mused and tried to relax which seemed an awkward a thing to do at the moment but I picked up my already chartered pieces and looked carefully at the tanker and saw the tanker driver’s hand steering it and it clicked and dawned on me.

It was the Tanker pulling out of the parking lot in backward movement -reverse, and not my car after all.

I released the steering and slowly removed my foot from the break, clutched my chest and uttered,


At that moment I felt my heartbeat in my head as the blood which had rushed up there pounded for some few seconds before rushing back to the origin.

I sat still and thought that fear was a dangerous thing. More dangerous than I could ever imagine and yet it’s baseless an illusion.

Have you ever been afraid of nothing? You can always share your experience in the comment section.