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The Unsought Life

Heinous thing happens

Thousands of times a day

Behind the veil of secrecy

In concealed places of the day.

It happens so fast and brutally

By the skilful expertise hands

Pristine task should be done

Life must go on just as should

But beautiful life must go home

The unsought life must return

Erased from the platform of life

Just like an ink from the paper

Disallowed to view the earth

But the evident harm glares

Womb laments and grieves

For one thing wombs seek

Desperate outstretched hands

Beg and implore ardently

For Presious life to hold

To cherish and to nurture

But those hands can’t have

They can’t buy it too

They shouldn’t even dream

It’s better lost than gained

The unsought life another owns

Another who knows nothing

Of the value of life unsought

Nor it’s desire to keep being

The other doesn’t even know

Doesn’t know about the end

Nor when the end’ll knock

Yet the other seeks the end

Of another and the end comes

No one tries, no one dares-

Stop the menacing end

The other has the right

Probably given by law

The other holds the money

And owns two legs too

The expert has two hands

And two eyes to see

But the vital fluid oozes

From the veins of the guiltless

Giving endless cry of misery

To the Maker of life unsought

The Maker hears and fumes

And the tears of the Sun drop

©Florence Ezekafor




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