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Are Writer’s Obstacles As Bad As We Think?

Many projects have been smothered by persistent obstacles and when you meet these obstacles in the process of writing, it feels like you should just go dig the grave of your projects and forget about them.

Any factor which makes it hard for a writer to keep writing to achieve the desired goal at the stipulated time, is the writer’s obstacle.

Are obstacles really as bad as we think?

They seem so but not at all. In fact, they are as important as what we plan to achieve.

For growth to occur in life, there must be unexpected rocks to hit, and while we face these challenges with confidence, we discover new ways of doing things which in turn help us to improve.

Obstacles are ways nature tells us that we’re not doing enough or doing it exactly as we should. And when we are challenged to do better, we find ways to improve and in doing so we become better doers.

Sometimes in life, we keep going in the wrong direction. Obstacles help us change from the wrong path to the right one.

Obstacles make us stronger due to our determination to overcome it.

Every obstacle we face teaches us lessons. It might be something we know but didn’t seem to value or something new. In both cases, we get to learn a lesson.

It will be magical if not impossible for a writer to finish writing a book and publish it without any obstacle. Permit me to say that what gives a book it’s value and worth is the number of obstacles it passed through in the process of writing and publishing.

However, it’s important that writers face these obstacles with confidence, see them as stepping stones and not a dead end.

Overcoming these obstacles as soon as possible makes a writer better, tougher, more creative, more persistent and comes to appreciate the end result more.

There are many obstacles to writing and every individual writer has his or her own personal obstacles apart the common obstacles.

What are these common obstacles and what can one do to overcome them?

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How do you feel towards writing obstacles? Fear? Discouraged? Calm?

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13 thoughts on “Are Writer’s Obstacles As Bad As We Think? Leave a comment

  1. I love that you link the value of a book or an artistic work with the number of obstacles it had to overcome. I can relate to this in my pottery work and all my past mistakes have brought about the skill I know have.


  2. “However, it’s important that writers face these obstacles with confidence, see them as stepping stones and not a dead end”. So apt. As an individual, I’ve had (and keep having) myriads of challenges in my journey through writing. I’ve loads of discouraging feedbacks in the past. However, while I could have taken those obstacles as excuse to quit, I rather chose (and still choose) to allow them make me into a better writer (person). Obstacles should be stepping stones and not stumbling stones.

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  3. Hi Florence :
    When facing writing obstacles, I try and be patient and remind myself that more inspiration will come. There is a certain ebb and flow to every writer’s inspirations.


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