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Language Vs Writing

Language is a tool for communication and not a barrier to writing.

– Bernard Kelvin Clive

Most people prefer to write in Eglish language because it’s the universal language and large proportion of the populace get to read their work.

However, writing is not limited to the English language. Any writer can write in any language of choice as long as he’s good at the language and can write good stuff.

An aspiring writer for example, doesn’t need wait until he has mastered the English language art and become a guru before writing his first book. He can write in any language he is more comfortable with.

If a writer’s writing is good, the good news will definitely go round, and the world will get to know about it through the speakers of that language and probably demand for translation.

So, do not be discouraged from writing, if English is not your native language and you have not been opportuned to master it as to write with it.

Writers write to communicate, and any language has someone who understands it.

It doesn’t matter which language you write in, as long as your writing is good.

– Chinua Achebe

The quote above said it all- the language you write in doesn’t matter. What you need to focus on is good writing.


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  1. My friend is German. English is not her first language and her German speech with laughter and smiling eyes is a drawcard. She’s learned to use Google Translate for English for me. It’s when she lapses into German that I love IT!

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  2. True. The English language is a medium of communication just like every other language. It’s use or mastery in writing is not necessarily a test of intelligence. As you rightly said, a good work will always speak for itself. Many a great piece of work were not originally written in English.

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