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African Proverbs – Hard Work

An ant-hill that is destined to become a giant ant-hill will definitely become one, no matter how many times it is destroyed by elephants.


We live by hope but a reed never becomes an Iroko tree by dreaming.


Sinews and big muscles don’t make a farmer


Sleep and indolence are not cousins of a good harvest.


Success is 10% ability and 90% sweat.


He who is afraid of doing too much only does too little.


It is little by little that a bird builds its nest.


To do one’s duty is to eat the prized fruit of honour.


The hip of yams you will reap depends upon the number of mounds you have ploughed.


It is the work of one’s hands that decides what one eats for dinner.


African Proverbs On Hard work

The wise doesn’t need the explanation of the proverb he’s told.

Farming is one of the traditional occupations of the African people and proverbs related to hard work has all that is related to farming as its theme.

African proverbs have a lot of wisdom in them and one gets to the meaning with much deeper thought.

If you have related proverbs, do share with us.

Expect more proverbs on Fiez – Saturdays(hopefully)💕

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