There are three categories of writers in the writing world.

Those who write for love of it

Some writers exist who during the wrting process of their works, do not have financial thought at the back of their minds.

These are writers who write from the heart, dedicated and sincere.

They are like an average school child who love to write everyday. The child is so innocent and do not think of the profit he is going to make from his work at the end of the day. They just write because they love it and enjoy doing just that.

For these writers, the art of writing gives them perfect joy. They do not worry about how their work is going to make it very soon to the publishers and the shelves, nor strive to meet the deadline, to hit the financial target as soon as possible. They do not think their works should be rushed to the shelves or ‘prostituted.’

These are the ones who write the best books and their names are on the palms of the readers and are likely to win fame and fortune because readers love their work. They notice the difference between their work and any other.

Their works are also likely to have lasting impact in the lives of the readers and writing sphere.

Those who write for money alone

These writers make a lot of financial studies and calculation before they go near the blank sheet and they don’t write topics that are not lucrative.

They readily embrace the theme and genre that are ranking high from the financial point of view. Call them ‘no money, no writing’ and you’re right — they write for money only.

These ones do not wait for inspiration, they hijack inspiration because writing is a do or die afair in the real sense of it as long as there is an enormous check waiting for their work.

They also kill the obstacles of writing or bury them alive. They are the ones who love deadlines most because they must finish their work on time and rush it to the shelves. And they are the ones that end up with trash in those shelves.

These ones are likely to fade away from the minds of the readers because their works are not written with sincerity and dedication.

I think it’s a huge mistake for a writer to place money before writing. It should be the other way round — writing before money.

Those who write for love and for mony

These writers are sensible enough to know that money shouldn’t come first and they know also that paying bills waits for no man. They strike a balance between love of the art and the financial gain.

Impossible right?

Well, all you need to do is forget about the money aspect during the writing process and think about it after your writing is done, prior to publishing.

Why money shouldn’t come first

First of all, if you’re not a lover of whatever you do, it becomes hard to succeed in it.

It means that to succeed in writing, you must love writing. It’s the passion for writing that keeps you moving.

As a beginner you’re likely to quit writing if making money out of writing money is your sole driving force.

๐Ÿ”นHave deep Love for the art

A part of loving writing is discovering by trial and error which branch of writing is best suited to you.

Mastering the art is important so that you can produce the best work.

When you produce the best work, the next thing is to,

๐Ÿ”นEarn money from your work.

After the work is done, find a reasonable way to earn money from your work. You need money to live by.

In conclusion

Think about the money aspect only when the writing is done and ready.