To answer this question, I’ll go straight to the point.

Below are my favourite things to do on Sundays;

💠I go to Church and worship the source of my life and all that is in it – God.

💠I thank God for life and it’s blessings and to commit the rest of the week with it’s ups and downs into His unfailing hands.

💠I listen to God’s words to strengthen my faith, get inspired, motivated, make amends, refresh, recharge and get ready for the week.

💠I ask God for more blessings, I always do. I love his blessings.

💠I see my Christian community, those that I’m not opportune to see during the past week.

At Home

▪ Sundays are like Christmas

▪ I prepare special meal for my family

▪ We spend quality time together

▪ We go out in the evening either together or individually to visit family and friends or spend the rest of the day with our visitors.

▪ I love Sundays and the fact that I’m forced to rest.❤

Today I introduce Sunday Quotes in honour of the asker, starting from next week Sunday.

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Happy Sunday to all my readers. Have splendid and blessed days of the week.❤