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Obstacles of Writing – Lack of Support

A serious writer’s life can be solitary. There is nothing wrong with this because – solitary is part and parcel of a writer – the two are inseparable.

However, most of the time a writer is so much absorbed in his writing that he tends to forget how much he needs to get in touch with other serious writers to get the support he needs.

This post is to let you, the writer to know that you need support. You need support from other writers especially those who are more experienced than you are.

For the purpose of this post, I’m going to discuss this under two subheadings

Lack of Writing Support and Lack of Financial Support.

Lack of Writing Support

This is not a serious obstacle per se – it is a writer-induced obstacle and can happen when the writer is new to writing sphere and has not sought the support of other writers or has chosen to journey alone.

Do not think you can make it alone as a writer even though you are magical enough – a snake seen by only one man might turn out to be a python and vice versa.

Why do we need the support of other serious writers?

Beta Readers

What do beta readers do? Have you ever noticed that even after the 150th proofreading and editing of your work, a common mistake pops up somewhere, somehow?

Yes, it happens. The mistakes keep showing themselves and you wonder if your manuscript manufactures them.

The beta readers help to identify these mistakes once and for all and save you some precious time.


You need the support of critiques for honest and useful feedback while you’re still working on your writing.

The critique always tells you the truth which your friends or family might not want to hurt you with.

For family and friends, everything is perfect with you and your writing but before a critique, there is one thing or another which doesnt seem right – this is why you should dump your family and friends and get yourself a critique for this purpose.

However, if you have a good critique among your friends or family, he or she will do. Beware of ‘discouragers’ among them though.


After you might have finished writing and editing your book, it is easier to get review for it by asking fellow writers for help. It’s easier to swap review with other writers who need it as you do and get your review without paying for it. It works this way – you review mine so I review yours.


You need support during the writing process, in the time of your lows and when you’re finding it difficult to finish your last chapter. You can share your experience with other writers and get the encouragement you need to go on.

Marketing Your Work

For self-publishing authors, you will be needing the support of others to market your work easily and quickly.

Where can a writer get this support?

Online writing community is a great place to get writing support and most of them are free.

Except a writer has other plans in place, he needs a community of very serious writers. These communities have vast number of experienced writers who are eager to offer useful support.

Online writing community is also where a writer can access some resources, writing tips and thousands of inspirations to help better his writing.

As earlier said, except a writer has other plans in place on how to get the support he needs, he can join one or two of the following writing communities.

🔸Criters Writers Workshop



🔸Critique Circle

🔸Agent Querry Connect

🔸Absolute Write Water Cooler

🔸The Next Big Writer

🔸The Redit Writers Group

Choose wisely

I will have to suggest that before you start using any of the above listed writers group, walk around to find out which one is best suited to you as a person and your writing. You may want to read members reviews to choose one or two out of those.

There are many other writing communities you may want to join, you can find them out. The above are those I’ve been able to stumble upon during my writing journey.

If you have time for a working offline writing community, that will be fantastic. Whatever you decide to to do, have it in mind that iron sharpens iron. Wood does not sharpen an iron for example and a piece of iron does not sharpen itself.

What about Lack of Financial support?

There comes a time when a writer quits his job to focus on writing. At that time it becomes very tough to cope without finance to fund projects and a writer is stuck with this obstacle – Lack of Financial Support.

What do you do to get the financial support you need?

Get a Suitable Job

I advice every writer to have a job and quit only when writing becomes a career – begins to yield enough money!

Why quite your job on your first day as a writer or on the day you decide to become a writer?

Sorry for this but you must have a job if you don’t have a money machine and don’t want to be stranded in the middle of nowhere in your writing life.

You can get a writing job, or any other job that can give you some money and time to work on your writing.

I know it’s not easy to work and do some serious writing but you need to to make some money to help you to reach your goal.

Ask for help

If this is your thing to do, I encourage you to go ahead and ask for donations.

I’m yet to overcome the discomfort in begging. Yes, I don’t like asking others for financial help, even though I’m dying to get one. But then, I’m not you and you’re not me. If you don’t have it and don’t have a source of income either, you just have to find a way to get free money.

There are people who willingly support talented people like you for free.There is nothing wrong in asking them for help.

Get Funding/Grants

In some countries like the US, Uk, and some other countries, there is what is called writers funding. Find out if your country has something like that. Make inquiries, know if it’s ideal for you and apply.

There are many other responsible ways you can raise money for your writing financial support. Do what works for you but make sure you follow what is right. A writers life is before every eye. Live it right.

In A Nutshell

🔸Join a good working writing community for writing support.

🔸 Work as you write, get a suitable job to be able to fund your work.

🔸If you must quit your job make sure you have other means to help you with the financial aspect.

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