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Why Do You Write?

This is a question every writer should have an answer to, so as to write with a purpose.

But, If you do not have an immediate answer to this question as a writer who’s just starting out, that’s okay. Most of us didn’t have an idea from the onset and were thrown off-ballance when asked – we only realized the reason with time.

So, why do you write?

Before you answer this question, have a look at why other writers write.

Why do writers write?

  1. Some writers write to express themselves.
  2. Some write to share their imagination and creativity with others
  3. There are writers who write to educate others.
  4. Some write to make others adopt their opinion or believe in it.
  5. Some write because they were influenced by authors of the book they read.
  6. Some write because they are passionate about writing and to derive pleasure from it.
  7. Writing helps some writers to relax and feel better about things. So they write for this purpose.
  8. Some writers write to help others.
  9. Some write because writing is their profession – they probably studied writing in school and it becomes an occupation.
  10. Writers write to entertain
  11. Some write because they were victims of circumstance – they’re inspired by something that happened to them.
  12. Some write because they have to – writing probably comes naturally to them.
  13. While some write to have something to be remembered for while they’re gone.

Why do I write?

Primary reasons

  • I’m highly creative and imaginative – there must be an outlet or I would explode.💥
  • I’m passionate about writing and feel soooooo good while at it.
  • To be the voice to the voiceless.
  • To entertain and help others

Secondary reasons

  • To make some money from my writing
  • To become a well-known author.
  • To make some good impact in the lives of people so as to be remembered for my great writing when I’m gone.

Why do you write?

Please get a note. Write your reason/reasons down, place it somewhere you’ll always have a chance to have a glance. This will help you a lot write with purpose.

You’re welcome to share your reasons with us in the comment section.


13 thoughts on “Why Do You Write? Leave a comment

  1. When the purpose of a thing is not established, effectiveness will be lacking. Besides, such a thing won’t stand the test of time. Like every other endeavor, the one who writes should have a purpose for it. In my case, I write to satisfy my creative needs; to give expression to my thoughts and ideas; to make positive impacts on folks and to live a lasting mark on the sands of time. Meanwhile, I should start working towards making money from it.
    Instructive post.

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