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African Proverbs – Not Giving Up

The cricket is never blinded by the sand of its burrowing.

An oil lamp feels proud to give light even though it wears itself away.

A bird does not change its feathers because the weather is bad.

It is only the toad that gets up from its knees and falls back again on its knees.

It’s not only the fox, but even the snail also arrives at its destination.

When a person regrets endlessly, he gets to pay more for what he regrets.

The swoop of an eagle has seen many seasons and floods.

However long the moon disappears, one day, it must shine again.

Who says the oasis in the desert is happy because of its hidden spring of water?

The praying mantis is never tired waiting all day.
African Proverbs On Not Giving Up
Proverbs are the daughters of experience.


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    • Oh thank you, Imani! I love the lessons of the Lion King. It happens to be my best animation and I’ve watched it more than a hundred times. Each time is like my first time. Will never grow weary of it. I love the music and the great life lessons. Thanks once again for reading and leaving a comment.💖

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