It’s wrong to associate luck with writing and consider a successful writer as lucky and unsuccessful one as ill-fated.

As far as a writer is concerned luck is a myth and so is ill-fate.

Someone might be fortunate enough while doing certain things due to personal charm or aura and succeeds in it mysteriously.

This is not so in writing.

No writer brings luck with them to the table of writing. No luck makes readers want to read a writer’s book nor make publishers want to publish his book. No luck pushes a writer’s book to the threshold of great works.

In other words, a lucky writer doesn’t exist, neither does an unlucky writer. All writers have an equal right to succeed.

So, do no thank your stars when you’re succeeding at it. Do not thank your luck for being a successful writer but be glad that your hard work paid off.

Do not blame your stars for not doing so well as a writer, or when your book fails to attract the attention of the publishers. Look into your writing and find out what and what you have been doing wrong and find a way to make it better.

Do this,

Keep luck away from your writing, either good luck or bad luck. Rather, be preoccupied with the task of getting yourself educated on how to write even better. Then work hard on improving your writing day after day.

Good Luck In your Writing💔

Happy Writing❤