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Becoming Jane #1

He has a sister Jane, taken by foster parents when she was four, to somewhere – he doesn’t know where. When he finally finds her, her name is Susan and she doesn’t recognise him. He is sure she is Jane and is determined to bring her back to where she belongs -follow “Becoming Jane” a story by Florence Ezekafor on Fiez.


The dismissal bell rang and Susan packed her books into her bag. She walked out of the classroom with her friend to the waiting area. Her friend got picked up and she was left alone.

David stood some distance away watching her. He had been watching her for days now.

Susan didn’t see him as she walking along the beautiful footpath leading to the shady area in the school vicinity where people relaxed. She planned to sit there for a while to check something in her book before coming back to the main entrance where Mr Collins, her driver, usually picked her up. She knew he would delay as usual.

As she sat on the mesh bench at the end of the path under a canopy tree, someone called.

“Jane!” Susan raised her face to look in the direction the voice was coming.

“Jane?” He called again.

Susan looked at…

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