After two minutes of tensed silence, Ukadi’s mother Nwakaego spoke up. “What bothers me is that you all knew that this was going to end this way and have all kept quiet and my son had been doing all in his strength to make this marriage happen. I fail to understand why you didn’t tell him before now.”

Ukadi raised his head forcefully and looked at my father who refused him eye contact. My father had once told my brother, “If you want to persuade someone to change his or her mind, make sure they look you in the eye while you talk.”

“I have heard what you said sir, it’s hard to say anything now. I’m still dumbfounded in the sense that when I thought everything was going well, people were sharpening an arrow with their hearts but no problem. Let me first go and knock heads with my kingsmen. I will be coming back tomorrow morning with them to finalise issues.”

I heard that and taught it wasn’t necessary.

My father gave him a short laugh. “Why are you bringing your kinsmen? I don’t think it makes sense. You shouldn’t bring them. You should only go home and tell them what I said. There is no point pursuing the matter” I was happy with my father’s response. I should have said exactly the same thing.

“I know but I remember I brought them here on the day of introduction. And before them, you all welcomed and accepted my proposal. I should not terminate this marriage without them.”

“Can I come in?” My mother asked.

“You are free to talk ma,” Ukadi said and I wondered what mother was going to say.

“Please, there is nothing more to say on this matter. Let it be as I’ve said it. I have somewhere important to go now,” father said and Ukadi exploded.

“Do you think this is not important? Do you know how much I have spent during this waiting period? Do you? I respect you but you must give me some respect too.” My father is a calm man. He temper is always in control.

“I didn’t mean to provoke you, Ukadi. I want you to understand that I’m only saying that we shouldn’t waste more time on this marriage issue because it’s obvious our daughter, Amaka isn’t interested. Our people say that if you are fast enough in doing what you’re supposed to do, you’ll likely not meet with misfortune.

“Ukadi, please do not be angry with him.” Mother spoke. “I assure you that everything will be fine.” she finished and my father stood up and excused himself, went into the house and never came out.

Ukadi came to me and asked what my mind was concerning what my father said and I told him that my father had spoken my mind. He looked at me and said they would be coming back the next day. He to told mother the same and both left.

One thing with Ukadi was that he loved to chase the wind probably because he thought his money could catch anything.

To be continued…

ยฉ Florence Ezekafor

Now I can inform you that this story is in 22 parts. In the next eleven weeks, the end will come and it means that we’ve come to the middle of the story. I want to thank you for coming this far with me and for your support.
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