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Ruining Souls

It all begins with the dust, sniffed as though it’s a must

In the confusion they whirled, as eyes open to the world

Minds are taken by the sneeze, sneeze bought with their fees

Progenitor gets beaten, as the inglorious acts worsen

They are infallibly compelled to do the
cursing as well as yell

Where could the faculty be seen, to change the path of ruin?

Snapback might be the best, but the world could do the rest

Get rid of the vicious stuff, shed it as should a slough

Noxious stuff’s as dangerous as hell, the risks no one can tell

It could burn, it could mill, It could ruin, it could kill

Time to say no to quietus, let the great life meet us

Set the selfish world aside, let the ruining souls to abide

© Florence Ezekafor





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