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The One Who Gets Overlooked

Tons of admiration

For the peak of the mount.

From now to then

The admiration never stops.

Oh! Look at it!

The pride of the mount!

Devoid of the peak,

The mount is noughts.

That is where many

Long to be

To dine with the sky

And sense the world.

But does anyone notice?

The one who gets the neglect

As all gawk at the pinnacle?

The burden-bearer!

The foot of the mount

The strong support

                   The firm foundation

That keeps the peak

Where to prevail.

© Florence Ezekafor





6 thoughts on “The One Who Gets Overlooked Leave a comment

  1. The irony and sad realities of life… It’s just like in the movies. People showers endless praise on their favorite actors and all, forgetting that those who moulded them into instant delight are behind the scene.

    The truth is most of the people/things that make the world go round are often obscure and less regarded.

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