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Have you ever been afraid of your electronic devices? Especially the wireless ones? Phones, laptops and every other wireless device in your possession? What about your microwave, car radio, TV?

I actually am.

What is this about?

It’s all about radiation – electromagnetic emission from our electronic devices being a health hazard.

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I heard again for the tenth time about the damaging effect of the electromagnetic emission- radiation from wireless devices today and I feel like sharing this with you even though you already know.

It’s all over the net and the health professional – trusted ones, sing it like a song but how many of us really care about the effect of radiation from these devices and how many of us are taking the necessary precautions to stay safe?

I first heard this a couple of years ago and heard it again and again without much effort to do the right thing, not even when I got a firm push from my good friend to use hand- free when making or answer calls did I turn a new leaf. It wasn’t any big deal.

That was exactly my thought in those days- it’s no big deal. After all, if it were, all those other people all over the world exposed to those same devices could have been wiped out.

But it is now. It is a big deal.

Some say the radiation emmitted by these devices is minimal.

It could be but then, who knows everything?

It could be negligible but what about constant or prolonged exposure?

I also learned it might not kill “instanta” like instantly. It could damage the body cells- kills softly.

How do I protect myself? How do you protect yourself? How do we protect ourselves?

I asked the health professional this question as if I didn’t know the answer and he listed the necessary precautions all over.

Keep your phone away from your body while answering calls and make sure you’re using your headset or hands-free.

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I thought seriously about how to keep my phone away from my body while answering calls and thought about not putting phones in the shirt or pant pockets.

I also thought about this-

How many of us use headset or hands-free while answering calls? Majority of the people I know do not use head set or hand-free while making calls.

So majority of us don’t care about headsets just like we don’t care about seat belts except when we are in the police or road safety- officers’ zone.

I don’t know what to call that – eye service? What about our saftey? Are we not thinking about it?

Avoid wireless technology

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I heard the health professional say this and I asked how this is this even possible. That means I won’t be enjoying my Wi-fi based device because it emits stronger electromagnetic radiation. Its safer to connect those devices with cables.

Throw your microwave away

What? No.

Well, according to professionals, microwave, of all the devices emits stronger electromagnetic radiation and this is dangerous to health. So, its safer to get rid of them or stay far away from them when in use.

– Do not place your laptop on your laps while using it.

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I think everyone laptop user is sometimes guilty of this. The right place to keep the laptop when using it is on the table with your body away from it.

– When was the last time you walked barefoot in your surrounding?

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It’s hard to walk barefoot in the city due to lots of reasons but you can decide to take your bare foot to the fields of grasses or the beach – pure nature.

These things in nature can absorb radiation easily. So, make sure you walk barefoot when possible.

Keep your tender child away from your wireless devices. The effect is more on the kids – kids are more susceptible to radiation effects.



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