Obsacles of Writing – Lack of Time

An average book writer needs to write at least 2000 words everyday – This means spending not than two to three hours to write everyday. We all have 24hrs a day to do something meaningful and from the very first hour, what we do with our time matters.

Time Becomes An Obstacle Of Writing When We Fail To Make Proper Use It.

Apart from our daily obligations – those obligations which are a must for us to fulfil daily; family, work, religious and social obligations, every other thing we do with your time is a waste of time. Some people call it killing of time. When you kill time, you while away chunks of time.

This could mean long time scrolling of social media pages, spending time watching TV at the wrong time, spending too much time with friends in idleness, spending too much time on an item while shopping, walking slowly and napping for long hours. If we can minimise the time wasted, we will definitely have lots of time in our hands.

Proper   Use   Of   Time  Can Help   Handle   Lack   Of   Time.

Do Not Bite More Than You Can Chew

Taking more responsibilities that you can handle make free time impossible. There are lots of life commitment that we do not need to be part of. For example, if you have more than two meetings a day, be it important or not, you don’t have to attend the whole three. You can chose one and excuse yourself from the rest.

If your job is extremely demanding – you work all through the day and even into the night before going home, a lot of other things will be neglected including writing. That’s why you must get a job that will at least give you a little time for yourself and once your writing begins to sustain you enough, do away with regular job to concentrate on writing.

Be Conscious of time

This doesn’t mean you should be looking at your wrist watch every now and then when in meetings or social gatherings, it means you should know when it’s a waste of time.

Know when you’re wasting your time, know when they’re wasting your time and quietly take your leave without raising any dust.

Stay Away From Time Wasters

Many great books well started have been left uncompleted due to time-wasting.

Time waster can be your TV, Phone, Pet, Yourself (Idling) and many other time wasters you can think of.

Schedule Your Day Ahead Of Time

Planning your day helps you focus on important things and carry out your obligations just in time to be able to write. Failing to finish your obligations on time interferes with your writing.

Wake Up early

Waking up early has a lot of benefits to it. Among other benefits, it helps you to make proper use of time.

I like writing in the early hours of the morning to write around 4:30 to 5:30 am. So waking up early helps me a lot to draft my writing before the rattling and rushing starts. I use any free quiet time of the day to do my rewriting and reading. It helps to wake up early.

Grab Every Opportunity

Time shouldn’t be wasted. Your waiting time could be an asset – the time in a queue, time in a vehicle or time waiting to board a vehicle, time waiting for your food to cook, or any time you can grab. It might look crazy to write in public but then, ever since you became a writer, you have chance of being or appearing weird sometimes. So, you don’t just need to care about what people would think of you writing in public waiting places.

Sometimes Lack Of Time Can Be Due To Our Inability To Control How Time Is Used.

We are human and sometimes things happen beyond our control. There are emergencies that can take the whole day, weeks and months to get over. When we lose a loved one, it’s hard to get over it in just a day. It’s hard. When we are sick, it could take a week to get to the writing desks again. Festive periods don’t make writing easy at all. To me, over-excitement makes thinking and reasoning hard.

What Do You Do When You Can’t  Control How Time Is Used By You?

If it’s about loss – loss of loved one, loss of any kind, grieve can hold you back in such a way that you find writing the wrong thing to be doing at the time or may lose interest in it altogether.

– Writing about what happened to you is a good way to get over it gradually. So do not dwell so much. on your loss. What has happened has happened. Let yourself be consoled and find reasons to move on.

– You may decide to forget about writing at the moment to face whatever you’re going through but pick your pieces up just in time to continue with your writing.

In A Nutshell

Proper use of time can help us get a lot done. Control this obstacle of writing by making proper use of time.


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