“I feel sorry for kids these days. They get so much homework. Remember the days when we put a belt around our two books and carried them home? Now they’re dragging a suitcase. They have school all day, then homework from six until eleven. There’s no time left to be creative.”- Tom Petty

I feel Sorry for kids of nowadays too.

They leave for school by 6:30 am, dismiss by 4 pm, reach home by 5 pm, nap for 30 minutes, homework for 2 hours. Before they know it, they’re being rushed to go to bed because waking up the next day must be at exactly 4:30 am.

Why do kids spend so much time at school and go home with so much homework?

Nowadays, they have a more complex scheme of work with too many important subject areas to cover. We’re talking about 16 to 17 subjects for a primary class. I compare it to 8 to 9 subjects I had during my own time and have to say its way too much for a child.

With 17 subjects in the hands of the teachers, it means longer time at school, more assignments and more homework. If teachers should dismiss them earlier than required, they won’t be able to cover the scheme of work before the term runs out.

The teachers are also suffering it, they need to spend more time at school than the kids do. They need to come to school before them and go home after them with worry on how to carry each child along the next day.

How do parents feel about this?

Most parents like their kids staying longer at school. This is because the kids are kept away safe until they come back from work. In that case, it becomes a necessity for these parents.

Majority of the parents love their kids to stay busy with study all day and have a home tutor as well waiting for these kids when they come back from school. For them, it’s okay, no taking of chances.😳

Some parents don’t like it. They feel the kids are being exhausted at school and get so tired by the time they come home. These parents want their kids to dismiss by 1:30 to 2 pm every day with little homework. They want a balanced life for these kids – family time, time out with friends, participate in house chores, go to kids gatherings and so on.

Does this extended period of learning make today’s kids any smarter than we were?

Oh Yes!

I don’t know about you. My kids are way too smarter than I was. In fact, they outsmart me even now when it comes to primary academics and sometimes they ask me questions to know if I know what they know and then giggle when I’m not able to give an answer without involving Google. And you know the things I learned in University? They know some too.

What are they lacking that we gained?

During our time, we had enough time to get creative through after-school play with other kids and to explore the community we lived in by visiting our friends often. At home, we had time for chores and through these chores, we learned how to do many things at a very early age. Now, kids hardly have time for anything during school days.

I guess Saturdays and Sundays are enough for unwinding.


What do you think about the time kids spend at school these days and the amount of homework they go home with?