Domain Chaos #8 – A Tinge of Hope

Ndubisi walked into the Land and Property Bureau with Igwe Okelue.

He had sat with him over the land issue and on seeing his late father among the signatories, he vowed to fight on his behalf.

The courageous Igwe had pleased Ndubisi by promising to stand by him. Ndubisi esteemed people who would see the truth and speak it without minding if their heads would be eaten in the process.

The spacious reception area was filled with people who waited in queue for their turn to be attended to.

They bowed and hailed him Igwe and made way for him to pass. He smiled and responded by patting each one of their bent backs with his traditional hand fan, made from tigger skin.

“Welcome, Igwe!” The receptionist greeted and Ndubisi wondered when she got to them. He watched her face beam with excitement.

The man she was attending to had stepped aside for Igwe without a grumble. Ndubisi thought that if Igwe were not a VIP, the same man would have bitten off his ear in annoyance. He had grown to learn that you dare not chance someone in a queue in Igbo land. Someone could fight to the drop of the blood over his rightful spot in a queue.

“Come with me Igwe.” The receptionist led them to the Director’s office.

“It’s that simple,” Ndubisi whispered and Igwe touched him with his Fan jokingly. He flinched. Igwe leaned towards him and whispered in his ear to wait for him at the door.

“Let me clear the ground first. Hand me the land documents.”

Ndubisi nodded and quickly dipped his hand into his briefcase. He brought out the original copy of the land documents and handed them to Igwe who gave him an assuring smile and walked into the office with the receptionist.

In less than five minutes Igwe came out with the Director. Ndubisi focused on their handshake and hoped to hear a positive news from Igwe.

“Everything is under control. He is my very good friend. Don’t worry. They’ll remove the quit notice tomorrow. But he said Eke would not go to rest but was sure he won’t challenge his own Igwe.”

“I didn’t know the brute is from your town Nibo” Nubisi said as both entered Igwe’s car.

“Yes!” He said, a little bit sad about Ndunisi’s choice of word. He ignored it. “He’s from the rebellious village- they believed Kingship should be rotated among the ten villages of Nibo, ” he said and shook his head.

“I dont know him well, ” he continued. “I have only seen him once in real life. I did see him on the television during one of his money spraying spree.” Igwe said and avoided telling Ndubisi about Eke’s visit to his palace. It would be unethical to do that.

“What next Igwe? ” Ndubisi asked when he was dropped of at his office.

I said don’t worry. Don’t worry yourself. Everything is under control. Eke won’t fight me. I’m his Igwe. Go to sleep.

Ndubisi bowed and hailed as the driver drove off.

Write It Now, Not Later!

One terrible thing about procrastination is that it happens when you have time to do something but may decide to do it later.

You need to stop procrastinating.

It’s certain you have reasons for pushing your writing into the future. We all do. There are always a thousand and one reasons to keep it till later but these reasons are not the major problem. Procrastination is not even the culprit, the problem is you and I.

The main reasons why we procrastinate come from the way we think or live our lives.

What do you think?

Do you think your writing will fail or nobody will like your work?

If this is your problem, you need to have a channel your thinking towards positivity. Think that you will succeed in it. You will fly, you will excel in your writing.

You won’t fail as you think and you won’t be wasting your time. They will read your writing and they will like it. Once you can come out from your negativity and start writing, you work hard at it and you succeed. It’s that simple.

Do you think that you must vissualise the outcome of your work as perfect before you’ll ever begin writing it?

You need to be realistic here. Think of this; You have looked into the future and have seen that that article or story, isn’t perfect. So you won’t begin it now until you’re sure you got all you need to make it perfect, like when you become a professor of writing. That’s not fair. 😀

No writing is perfect even at it’s last edit. A critique is always lurking at the corner and will surely find something to pick up as a flaw. It has happened to all writers. So do not think about a perfect work. All you need to do is start your writing and work towards making it better.

Write it, do your best and wear a let-them-say attitude.

Do you feel tired and can’t write now?

When you feel you’re tired and can’t write now even though you have time, check yourself well.

Are you sick? Have you eaten well and healthy too? Have you slept well? Have you exercised?

A healthy lifestyle can help solve this problem. Always make sure you body is in good state and you are in the right state of mind. If your body fails, your mind fails as well. So, take care of yourself by living a healthy lifestyle.

Do you think you’re busy and there is no time to write today?

You have the time to write today. Just say it. You do. If you told me you’re so busy that in 24hrs of today your hands were tied and you couldn’t put down at least 200 words on a blank page or to continue an already started work, I would stare at you wide eyed.

I’ll only understand if you told me you’re sick. When you’re sick, you are not in your right state of mind to write. You’re weak both physically and mentally.

In spite of this state of the body during an illness, some writers still write depending on the level of their illnesses.

Some have actually written great work from their sick bed. Some have written from a wheelchair – terribly sick. They had perfect reason – to put away their writing till later but they didn’t. They know that once they allow procrastination in, nothing gets done.

I’m not suggesting that you write in your sick bed. What you need to focus on at this time is getting better. Once you do, start writing again.

Have you lost writing focus?

It happens to most of us. We have our writing goals and at certain point we begin to lose interest.

Once focus is lost, the zeal won’t be there anymore. What drives writers is their focus, their target. Where they want to reach at a given period. What they want to achieve at a given time, that’s the focus. Keep it alive and you will write everyday.

If ever you postponed todays writing, do not do the same tomorrow.

If you constantly push your writing to the future times, you should as well forget it. Writing is one of the things that if you want to do, you do it now – not later. The famous English proverb says that time and tide waits for no man.

Procrastination is not a stepping stone like other obstacles of writing – it doesn’t have to be there in the first place to be stepped on. It’s only there because you allowed it. It’s like an enemy you can overpower but which you have allowed lying peacefully at your feet. You nurture it while it shrinks your will power. You won’t fail to get rid of it if you make an attempt.

Do This

Find out the reason behind your procrastination. It could be the way you think or the way you live. Have positive thoughts towards your writing and live a healthy lifestyle and procrastination will never stop you from writing.

Love That Never Ends

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I love to hear the echo of her laughter

As my feet leaves the cliff of her heart

I love the crushing shove

That sends me away to the deep

For I’m sure to fall on the wings of my love

I should fall on the rock around her soul

And probably crash

But there is this faithful hawk that keeps saving me

This hawk – my love, burdened by her hate

Keeps taking me back

To where I’m sure I eternally belong

It hovers around her

Until her hate picks me up once again

In it’s helish claws

And feeds me to her fiery lions

I get eaten

And I’m truly sorry that I’m pleased to be eaten

If I perished by her hands

I’m certain to be happy in my demise

And will keep loving her till forever comes

When I’m bruised by her hate

I get healed by my love in her eyes

Each time she picks me up and waves me before her slowly face

I forget the glimpse of of her flaws

And go limp within the strength of my love

I know I’m a confused man

Foolish and stupid too

I also know that if I keep loving her

My life will never cease

© Florence Ezekafor

Domain Chaos # 7 – Buying The Chief #2

Four identical tinted black cars stood in front of Hon. Eke’s mansion at New Haven Enugu. First and last cars were always for his escorts. The third was for his friend and adviser, Mr. Jekwu Ikeoha – the man Hon Eke wouldn’t leave behind when going to important places.

Hon Eke lowered his huge black body into the second car. He was dressed in his traditional outfit – a white linen embroidered around the neck with red embroidery material.

He wore his ozo – chieftancy hat, a traditional neck bead and red beaded bangle. It was a rare outfit one could see Hon Eke in on a normal day. He liked dressing in English wears, except on Fridays and Sundays.

His driver took the wheel and drove to Igwe Okelue’s Palace.

As they drove by the beautiful clean freeway that led to the palace, Mr Ikeoha couldn’t help but bother about the number of security persons escorting them. A total of eight. Three in front, three behind, one with him and one with Hon. Eke.

Hon. Eke had terrible fear for the unknown and had always talked about kidnappers and assasins in his dreams.

When they approached Igwe Okelue’s palace, Hon. Eke proceeded with his entourage without following the protocols. He was supposed to wait for Igwe to accept to see him before entering .

Igwe’s guard stood like a fly in front of them with his hands spread wide as if to hug them all, making an exaggerated but futile effort to stop them from entering without Igwe’s consent.

It was not done. No visitor entered Igwe’s palace as though he owned it and because he didn’t want to lose his position as Igwe’s best guard he had to act up even though he was terrified by the riffled men before him just like the cabinet seated with Igwe.

Wearing a fake boldness, he made it clear to Hon Eke that no one enters Igwe’s palace without Igwes approval.

Hon Eke did not push it further. They stood halfway waiting for Igwe to react.

Igwe watched them calmly for a while before asking the guard to allow them in. The guard hastened away without any disinclination.

“Welcome, ” Igwe said after swallowing hard for not receiving a bow nor a kingly hail from any of them .

“Good day Igwe! ” Hon.Eke greeted and Igwe counted disrespect number two. He hated ‘Good day’ as a greeting. To him, such a greeting could only come from an enemy or an angry fellow but he was a very humble Chief and enduring as well. So, he answered the greeting in spite of his dislike of it.

The security men scattered themselves in the compound watching cautiously in all directions while one stood behind Eke and Ikeoha who sat adjacent to Igwe.

Igwe kept studying them. Even the governor who paid him a visit some few weeks ago didn’t enter his palace with such number. He came in with one escort.

“What brings you to my palace?” Igwe asked ignoring the whole drama.

“Greetings Igwe. I’m sorry I couldn’t make it to deliver my gift to you in person. Sorry about that.” He said and looked at his Ikeoha as if to confirm if if he used the right words. Ikeoha nodded in affirmation.

“It’s alright.” Igwe said and cleared his throat. Sorry for refusing to take the gift from your boys. I’m only trying to make sure it’s really from you. Now that I know, please bring the gift.” He said and the humour hit Hon. Eke and his men. Igwe joined them in laughter.

“I’ll be coming back in a few days. I have a favour I would like to ask of you Igwe,” he said after handing him the key. He expected a kind of jubilation from Igwe for receiving a three million gift in the form of a car but he only smiled and thanked him without even rising to his feet to shake him. He had never known him to be proud and unresponsive. It’s okay, as long as he would be given a chance to discuss the land issue with him.

“It’s alright. Thanks for your wonderful gift to me. Do you know that this is my third car gift this year.” I get said. “It’s just January and I’ve gotten three. How many would they be by December? My people are appreciative of me. This year must be good. Thank God. Hmmm. Thank you Eke.” And now Eke felt that Igwe was trying to make it clear that he was not the only one who had given him such gift. He wanted to see the other two cars to find out if they were as gorgeous as his–

Igwe saw them to the gate and changed his countenance while going back to his throne. He was disturbed about Hon. Ekes visit, gift and the favour he talked about. He didnt want to be hooked with a gift to do what he didn’t want to do.

His cabinet had taken their leave to the corner of the palace to give him some privacy to discuss with his august visitor. When they returned, the rest of the meeting was about the visit and the gift and “why?”.

© Florence Ezekafor