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I have Some Awesome Followers

I’m blessed with committed followers. You are incredible people. Some of you are bloggers like me while some of you are from other sources. Some of you have taken reading and providing feedback to my posts as unavoidable. I’m proud of you all. So, below are my top ten posts in 2019.

My Ten Most Liked Posts Of 2019

It’s An Imperfect Life

The Lament Of The Very Old

About Changing Lanes

Insight – Rest

Obstacles of Writing – Lack Of Motivation

Don’t Be Fooled By The Calender

I’ll Remain Here With You

Ruining Souls

Language Vs Writing

Life Without A Life

Thanks for reading❤

Florence Ezekafor View All

I'm a food scientist who has chosen the path of creative writing- the one thing which comes to me naturally.
Back in 2013, my love for teaching young learners propelled me into picking teaching as a career. I taught English, Maths and Science in the United Arab Emirates where I lived for ten years. Right now, I live in Coal City, a beautiful hilly area of my country Nigeria.
My website Fiez-writer is a product of my extreme desire to share my writing with the world. Here, I share fiction, poems, thoughts and writing tips.
A huge part of my life is spent with my lovely family and I'm a proud mother to three brilliant kids.

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