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Simple Ways You Can Boost Your Confidence As A Writer

Writers write to attract a larger audience; those who will read their works and love them.
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Since the inception and thriving of self-publishing, more and more great works are finding their ways to a wider audience and when you look at how dense great contents have become in the writing industry, you may begin to wonder how on earth you’re going to write contents that will stand out.

The challenging question: How am I going to write quality contents that will stand out among so many great contents out there?, keeps you worried and discouraged. At this time, all you need to rely on is your confidence.

What does confidence do for you as a writer?

Self-confidence helps you to remain calm and focused on your writing without minding the number of competitors you face and the intimidating work they produce. In addition, it helps you to keep writing even when your own writing has been classified as failed.

You can boost your confidence in the following ways.

  1. Look At Writing As A Learning Process

Writing is a learning process. You need to understand the learning process. You should know that you become better in the art by constant practice and you perfect a content by writing and it. This is how great writers and great topics emerge as great.

When you write and rewrite, there is this connection you are forced to make between ideas and self-expression. Once a thought process is established by constant writing practice, your subsequent writings become easy thereby boosting your confidence.

  1. See Critism As An opportunity To Improve


Your confidence lies in your ability to tolerate critiques. You do not only need to tolerate criticism, you need to welcome them with smiles.

Imagine a writer standing at the door of his writing, waiting for a critique to chase away. I ask, how will he ever know where and where to improve in his writing?

Criticism is integral part of a successful writing. All great writers, well known or not, have critques to face all their lives. So the earlier you start smiling at criticism, the better for your writing. Wether it is a constructive or non-constructive criticism, as long as it is pointing at what you didn’t do well, you need to welcome them all.

Nowadays, we so much dislike criticism that reviewers are afraid of going near our works to give a negative appraisal. This is an indication that most of us need to work on our confidence.

The moment you begin to see criticism as that which makes you better at what you do, your confidence is strengthened.

  1. Read Wide To Write Well

It’s certain that this sounds like a cliché. However, there is no any other way to write well other than reading with intense hunger. The more you read, the more you learn the art from others and the better your writing.

Reading also improves your vocabulary and the use of words. This improves word flow. You do not have to get stuck at a point because you do not have the needed words to express your idea.

During reading you get lots and lots of writing ideas. These ideas you can use to create a writing topic or story theme.

The truth is that reading boosts your confidence as a writer in the sense that it makes you a better and a happier writer.

  1. Learn To Celebrate Your Little Success

You don’t need to wait until you win the best writer of the year before you celebrate your success. You celebrate every little milestone you are able to attain as a writer. Milestones as simple as first online post of your article or when you complete an demanding article or finish a story. You know this is worthy of celebration when you look back and see how much you have put into such project to make it happen.

You need to do this often as the process involved in waiting to attract public recognition and to get published can drain your confidence.

To keep your confidence at it’s highs, you need to celebrate your little victories.


  1. Find And Engage With A Strong And Trusted Writers Community

When you are in the midst of writers like yourself, you exchange valuable ideas, get some helpful tips and feedback. You ask questions and get solutions on how to face challenges from well experienced writers in your community. You get strong support.

Now, when you sit alone to write, you might have rubbed minds with fellow writers and this gives you lots of confidence to write with.

If you do not have any community around you, you can always connect online with other writers. This will help you get better.

I hope this helps get lift your confidence.

Feel free to share with us what has helped you to remain confident in your writing


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  1. Valid points, especially “Learn To Celebrate Your Little Success”. A man needs to see this now and again. The ‘writing business’ can be ‘interesting’ sometimes. Thanks for sharing this.

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