Righteous pair – incorruptibly set on lifeless branch of a dry tree – hidden behind the dusk rushing to embrace the dark night – when none clearly see – saved from bright revealing light

United pair – secured under the canvas of the evening sky illumined by the orange sun disappearing into the horizon -to flee from the claws of the scary menacing night

Faithful pair – no third nor more in view – to steal the lovely romantic moment for two – chanting sweet songs of love to send beautiful strong sensation around and still every fight.

Friendly pair – happily wrapped in the sweet arms of friendship – at home in each other’s company -ready to care, support and tolerate- and bring tears to scrutinizing sense of sight

Lovely pair – can’t help but wonder, if you’ll ever break each other’s hearts – but as one beak reaches for another, I see right there in your eyes and the rare thing you share – real love is might.