19th March update on coronavirus according to worldometer

I was going through the updates on coronavirus and the number of survivors vs that of deaths hit me. It occurred to me that the number of people surviving this disease way outnumbers the people who die of it. In addition there is drastic reduction in new deaths.

Many people are recovering from the dreaded coronavirus pandemic disease and it seems that very few of us are talking about them.

I keep asking myself this question; why ain’t many of the people who have recovered coming up with their recovery stories so that people who are scared will have it at the back their minds that recovery is possible for this pandemic.

I’m saying this because right now in my neighbourhood, coronavirus is regarded as a disease that gives no hope for survival. We believe that since the cure insnt yet available, that once you have it, your grave should better be dug.

I was opprotuned to see Dr. Jennifer Caudle’s video this morning and I’m convinced about the good news.

The good news is, we can recover from this once our immune is strong enough. Once the symptom is treated, the patient can go on with their normal lives. It’s important to note that as we take preventive measures to avoid this virus, to also keep our immune system strong.

I guess a handful of people already know this – that have a great chance of recovering from coronavirus. That’s why they are seen on the streets when they are supposed to be inside their houses.

In a nutshell

People should hear more about the recovery from coronavirus even as they are trying hard not to get the virus.

They should know that getting the virus doesn’t mean they’re going to die. People have survived and they too can survive if they get infected.