Happy People Play

“Are you alright?” James asked while sitting close to his darling. “Do I look alright to you?” She moved away from him. Silence. “Is it wrong to show I care?” He moved closer. “Were you supposed to ask questions you already know the answers to?” She asked and he looked surprised. “What do you think … More Happy People Play

Wise Saying; Fools Rush In Where The Angels Fear to Tread

We shouldn’t try to challenge that which is bigger or more powerful than us. However, I see fearlessness of the fowl in play here 😃. The cow sees and runs away means the cow is afraid. Of course he has seen how enormous the challenge is and this instills fear and the fear pushes to … More Wise Saying; Fools Rush In Where The Angels Fear to Tread


The policeman showed her the picture of the kind and benevolent philanthropist, who visited her, said encouraging words and handed her a large sum which cleared all her financial needs. She smiled at the picture. ‘This young man is heaven-bound. Is he a political aspirant?” “He robbed a bank five years ago!” The childless widow … More Wanted

About Keeping Silent

When we meet with people, we talk. We talk to break the ice, to ease off tension, to clear the ‘strangers’ aura, build trust and establish a friendship. We talk to solve puzzles, give hope and cheer up. When we should be talking, we don’t need to keep silent. At this point silence can be … More About Keeping Silent