Few minutes ago, I had this funny feeling I was hungry! I call it ‘funny’ feeling because it wasn’t up to ten minutes when I finished a mound of garry and bitterleaf soup. 😊

If you ate such as lunch, you should as well forget about your dinner because it could take up to twelve hours before you would feel hungry again.

When I couldn’t bear the hunger anymore, I strode to the kitchen to make myself something to take my hunger away.

After eating, I began to feel like I’ve not eaten in weeks. I became more famished.

What? Not again!πŸ₯Ί

It’s weird!

I hope I’m not turning into a glutton. As far as I’m concerned, it would be a bad thing to be at a time when we’re experiencing a lockdown.

When the crazy hunger persisted, I thought of what to do. πŸ€”

I was going to ignore it and do something else – something productive πŸ€”.

If I got busy, the hunger would be forgotten.

What followed next was serious battle. I battled with the temptation to go back to the kitchen even when the content of my stomach had began to tumble into my mouth.

I was staggering towards the kitchen like the drunk about to pass out, hoping to take just a little food when it hit me.

I’ve not written in two days.

I smiled at the joke, snatched myself away from the direction of the kitchen and scampered to my writing corner.

When I picked my pen and wrote my first word ✍, I felt satisfied.πŸ€—

My hunger was gone!


Hope you’re all coping well.

Stay safe!

Image source: unsplash.com