Sunday Inspiration | Courage

You remember that day you waited for a phone call? Your desire for that call nearly busted your blood vessels. At that moment, every other call annoyed you, to the extent that you could block them. Those other calls should not stand in the way of that one call.

You remember how you didn’t want anything else but that call? That very moment, deep down, you knew the phone worth more than a million dollar. At that moment, the entire world should as well vanish and leave you and the phone set all alone.

Hours after hours you waited.

It’s funny how when the call finally came, you rushed to it in that second lest the call cut before you answered it.

Assuming the call didn’t come and never ever did and you discovered that you have lost that one person who meant the whole world to you, how would you have felt?

Miserable right? Awfully miserable. You would have felt the hopelessness of life.

But given the time, you would have picked your chartered pieces and moved on with your life. Most people have gone through worse situations and have made it alive.

The best feeling happens when someone comes along who would not keep you waiting for calls. Someone who would never let you out of sight. Someone who would have cared just as much as you did.for him or her.

Mute voices

Mute voices struggle in a bottle

where the victims of utterance,

cast ruins into the mind.

Mute voices fight for audience

but faithfulness go astray

The voices glide into the desert.

Sincerity gets trapped

in an arid land.

Busted voices hit the bedrock,

and are spilled into the dept;

buried, forever mute.

When Things Go Wrong …

ONE sunny Saturday morning in July, I left for my friend’s sister’s wedding which took place in a small neighbouring town.

After the wedding, we all moved from the Church to the groom’s family compound where the wedding reception was to take place.

At the venue, I picked a good spot at the front and nodded to the music blasting in the atmosphere.


The Woman Who Talked Too Much


‘THE best part of every wedding for me is the reception; the dance, the food and the social aspect,’ the strange woman sitting beside me confessed. She didn’t mention the most important aspect which was the vows and that pricked my heart, a a little. I changed the subject.

‘I love the weather. It looks like summer in July! The sky is blue and clear, a sign it won’t be raining today.’ She studied me and I noticed she was perplexed by my positive assertion.

‘That sounds like the weatherman’s buzz! Anyway, there is nothing good about this weather. It will soon rain cats and dogs. Bet?’ She stuck out her little finger and waved it in my direction ready to hook mine. I looked at it and chuckled, amused by her childish and silly demeanour.

‘I don’t want to fall for that. It’s a rainy season. I’m only being as positive as I can be. If you can do the same, for the sake of the wedded couple, of course, it will help a lot,’ I folded my arm across my chest and she withdrew her finger.

‘I don’t like outdoor wedding receptions. They’re not classy. I prefer well decorated large halls. I love taking pictures at weddings and I like my background gorgeous,’

‘It’s not everyone that can afford such an expensive venue.,’ I frowned.

‘You’re right. Hmm.. and the thought that it might rain gives me a headache!’ she brought out her hand fan and used it expertly throwing her face in different directions.

‘These canopies are so light. Hope the wind doesn’t carry them off to the sky,’ She said casually and I cracked up and glared at the canopies to see her observation but saw nothing. She gave out a short laugh.

Who is this woman? Where is she from?

‘What was Glory thinking? Who fixes a wedding in the rain? ‘she said after a short silence. I noticed she couldn’t stand silence.

‘The weather is fine! No cause for alarm. It’s not going to rain, believe me, ’ I smiled.

‘They should have chosen a date between November and March. July and August are a no-no for weddings. We know it usually rained non-stop and annoyingly so. I hate the unending drizzle which makes the ground wet and muddy all day. It isn’t the best time for weddings especially in a village like this.’ She kept the words rolling and I listened as if hypnotised.

She leaned towards me and said in a hushed voice, ‘Rumour has it that the bride is pregnant. The groom got the poor bride pregnant!’ She waited for me to react but I looked away. ‘The wedding rush was his smart move to keep people from noticing her bump during the crucial moment.’ she gave a short laugh and I thought about how fast rumour travelled. My friend had told me that her sister was six weeks gone. How did the news get to the woman sitting beside me?

‘Rumours are not always true. They might have chosen this date for a reason’ I stammered.

‘Ok tell me, why would they want to do that,’ fortunately, a woman walked in and my negative instant friend on hearing her voice, trotted in that direction. I watched as they picked a spot four rows behind me and settled.

I was relieved she left my side and was happy a very quiet boy took her position, someone like me. We sat there and enjoyed our peace.

The tune to usher in the new couple played and I gave up my full attention to them as they danced into the reception.


The Arrival Of The Rainmaker


The wedding reception was going well and the weather was still kind before the unexpected happened.

The couple’s hands were on the knife about to cut their wedding cake when a notorious rainmaker walked into the wedding arena as if he ruled the roost in there.

All eyes moved from the new couple to a tall slim man whose dreadlocks hunted his back. His multi-coloured hat crouched on his messy crown. His facial expression was fierce and he calculated his steps as if certain spots of the ground would swallow his foot if he stepped on them.

There was something sinister about his outfit. He wore a red tank-top over a red, black and white striped baggy skirt. The skirt had slits all the way to his thigh on both sides and his white petticoat peeped through them.

People began to take their leave one by one, out of fear. He was the most notorious rainmaker in the area.

The bride hastened away as the groom ran to him. He was furious the rain maker was there.

The rainmaker moved away as if the air around the groom stung. He raised his special staff up and danced around to an unknown tune.

‘I’ll bring down a hurricane, a downpour on everyone! You have touched the rail of a Lion,’

What are you talking about? You are at the wrong place and if you don’t leave now, I’ll call the vigilante to throw you out,’ the rainmaker kept mute but kept his special movement.

‘You are disrupting my wedding. Leave now!’ The groom yelled. He was frantic. He looked around with his hands spread out, ‘Where is this man from? Who brought him, ‘ he asked everyone.

The groom was so furious that he boiled. I moved closer and closer.

‘I told you I’m not interested in your services anymore. Your demand is too much for me. How could you ask a modern man in the twenty-first century to provide ten cowries for rainmaking ritual? Where did you expect me to get the cowries from? Museum?’ Everyone looked in his direction. It was the groom’s identical twin brother who had gone to consult the rainmaker. He was only trying to do his best to make sure the rain didn’t fall on everyone on his twin brother’s special day.

‘Who sent you? Have you gone noughts? What gave you done?’

‘I was only trying to help. This is a rainy season and I wanted to keep the weather clear. He asked me to bring a rooster and ten cowries and I couldn’t do that.’

‘Why didn’t you cancel the contract,’ the groom had relaxed a bit.

‘I did. He asked me to provide some cash so he could get the cowries for me. At the time, I was not interested any more, ’ the rainmaker picked a spot, circled it three times and sat down, on the bare ground. He was not ready to leave.

I saw an elder run to his motorbike and drove away and wondered where he was hastening to. I hoped this problem got cleared as soon as possible so that the wedding reception would continue. I looked at the video man and noticed he was recoding the incident. I couldn’t help but think about how that would contradict the sweet wedding video.

I searched for the bride and found her sitting with her mother surrounded by her friends inside her room. She was crying. Her face was all messed up. I hastened back to the scene when I heard the Rainmaker speak.

‘I’ve been holding this rain since dawn. I am still holding it. Do what I asked you to do or I’ll let the heavens loose.’

‘You can do whatever you want to do. I believe it’s only God who can bring rain or keep it back. I did’t ask you to hold the rain. My brother said he cancelled the contract with you. You are only looking for the trouble but since my hands are clean, you will get what you are looking for,’ the groom pointed at him as he spoke and people shuddered. He shouldn’t point at the dangerous Amakikwu who could make a person disappear forever.

‘I’m afraid he might cast a spell on the couple. Thank God she has already taken in or this wizard would make her barren. If you are close to her, tell her to go for prayers. I’m sure their marriage has been stained by his presence,’ my instant friend spoke again. I wondered how she reached to my side so fast. I had begun to accept her as my shadow. I made sure I didn’t reply.

I saw the the elder who hastened away with his bike come back with a very old man whose hair was as white as wool. People said he was the only solution to the notorious Rainmaker. Rumour had it that he got his rainmaking ability from the man who happened to be his grandfather. His father was a Christian and had refused to take over from his father’s rainmaking

position .

When Amakikwu saw his grandfather, he got up and walked towards the gate. At the gate, he stood, looked up to the sky and in the direction of the groom and nodded. The groom waved him away in annoyance. His grandfather apologised in a shaky voice. He was really old. After making sure the apology was accepted, he climbed the bike that brought him and left.


The Raging Wind


A few minutes later, around 3:30 pm, night fell. Thick rain cloud covered the sky as far as the eyes could see. Silver lining dotted the cloud at the edges.

The couple’s dance had just ended and it was the gifting and refreshment time. My instant friend rushed to me, ‘ You did well not to bet with me. It’s a heavy torrent coming. Who can stop this one? What are you still sitting here for? Do you have a room in this house? I’m going to give my gift to them. I’ve gotten myself a nice well wrapped fried rice, salad, chicken and malt. I’m off. I’m off.’ I followed her.

‘Come on! Stop panicking! It’s not going to rain. Besides this canopies are here for a reason.’

‘You see these canopies, mark my words, the wind will carry them off to the sky. I wish you all well. I’m off.’

In less than twenty seconds, a strong wind came and swept all the decorated fancy plastic chairs to one side of the venue and carried a few of them up in the air and blew them aside.

A canopy went down and people shouted as it nearly hit a child looking for her mother. Her mother on spotting her ran frantically to her just in time and dragged her to safety.

Everyone began the helter-skelter rush to safety but there was no enough room for everyone. Some boys put heavy stones at the feet of the canopies to support them but no one went under them. They couldn’t possibly withstand the raging wind.

Guests squeezed themselves into the parlour and corridors. I heard my instant friend say. ‘I pray we all don’t collapse out of suffocation and die. Save us all Lord.’

Fortunately, within a few minutes, the dark cloud cleared and the wind stopped. The weather went back to normal as if nothing had happened. The wedding ended well in my eyes. Although some guests said it was such a memorable wedding day, a chaotic one.

The Writing Craft

Years ago, when my elementary school teacher asked us girls, to weave a local basket, we didn’t know where to start. Basket weaving at the time was strictly for boys. As a result, girls didn’t learn the craft. To be able to nail making the basket, we needed to learn the basics which meant going to the boys to seek help and sticking by them in case we got confused along the line.

Like basket weaving, writing requires that you master the craft. You need to lay hands on those elements that make stories readable. You should dig dip into elements like plot, characterisation, dialogue, dramatic structure and points of view. You already know that authors use some literary device to grace their works and make them even more unique and interesting. As a writer, you need to master the literary device/elements to improve.

You will find out that writing a story is easy but writing a story well requires that you know what it takes to write a story in an interesting way.

Although you don’t have to master the craft to put down words on the blank sheet, you definitely need it to get good at making those words interesting and easy to read. You need the craft to capture the interest of the readers and to attract the attention of traditional publisher.

– Read good books on writing craft.*Do not dismiss historical stories – most of them are well crafted*

– Write daily focusing on improving your skill. Practice daily writing. *Practice, practice, practice.*

-Take lessons/attend conferences. *make friends with good, experienced writers*.

– Get a critique who will read your story and point out your mistakes.
*A good critique will point out both your strength and your mistakes*

Happy Writing!

Keep The Posts Coming!

It took me more than three hours to prepare this delicious fulfilling meal that everyone ate and liked.

They all raised thumbs of praise for such meal wishing I made such often.

My problem is, they finished this meal that took hours to prepare in just a few minutes. What more? They went hungry again before I could recover from the rigour of the cooking.

You know what? I didn’t feel like cooking anymore. In fact, I’d like to take a break from cooking for a long long time. How’s that?

I actually wished they all never went hungry again, maybe for the rest of their lives.

I meant it.

I wished one meal could suffice. It’s unrealistic and stupid but I wished so.

Just like I wish that one post here could draw millions of committed viewers every day until forever.

Just one post that could keep people from all over the world stopping by every day. Only one post with my hands folded across my chest and my legs crossed on my centre table watching as my site turn into most visited overnight for the rest of the days.

What could that one post be? Magical?

I wish it worked that way.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t. Truly.

Here comes reality!

I understand how tiring daily posts can be but it works well to draw more visitors seeking for what you have to offer.

Weekly posts work too as long as you keep it constant but not as daily or multiple times a week.

Posting after months or a year interval is not good for SEO except of course you have other reasons other than getting people to visit often.

I recall when I stopped posting because I was busy at work. I didn’t post for four months. The day I looked at my stat, I was dumbfounded. Where were those committed readers? It was a blatant fall by nearly a hundred per cent. I lost my religious visitors and when I posted again, the old viewers were nowhere to be found. They didn’t come back. Few new viewers came through. It was merciless.

The best way to starve and die is to stop eating. The best way to kill years of hard work is to stop working. And the best way to smother a blogging website is to stop posting blogs.

So If I really want to keep my blog site alive, I must update often with new quality contents or even useless but entertaining stuff sometimes( I have read some useless stupid stuff on the Internet many times and had really read them to the end before realising how stupid I had been to have read it. I finished them because they were entertaining even though not relevant).

The thought that my useful posts could solve a problem of one viewer out there and the useless stuff entertain someone somewhere can be fulfilling.

It’s worth it in the end. So I keep it up to date.

Photo message. Keep the tap running. Never turn it off. Someone is always in need of the water that flows. Keep posting. Keep working.