I recieved twenty likes from one reader in so short a time on my blog, my thought goes wild as usual.

How could this be possible? 🤔.

If this had happened in the past, I would have whined, grumbled and coursed under my breath. But… I’ve changed. I’ve pulled off my last ever diaper and dumped my teated bottle in the dustbin. I now think with my hands in my pants pockets, not my hip.😄

Again, how could this be possible?🤔

Apart from clicking away without reading them, it could also mean that my reader reads in a flash. You know, like in a flash of a lightening.

It could be that my extraordinary generous reader expended more than thirty minutes of an expensive moment reading those posts. That’s remarkable and…..pleasing.

Best liker of the day, hopefully.

What if my reader just clicked on those likes without actually reading the posts? Like, open the post, scroll to the bottom without reading and…..like?

The saying goes that the frog does not run in broad daylight for nothing. What could be the target of the liker when he or she likes without reading?

It could be to register strong online presence to get noticed. Does this really work for them?

Talking of seeking for notice, It’s quite an undeserved honorary from someone, anyone. Really. It makes me feel like a popular celebrity, you know. Does this mean I’m happy with the whole liking without reading thing. I hope so. 😁😁

Maturity could also mean you give unrealistic positive viewpoint to everything – anything at all.

Nevertheless, to be fair, there are fast readers!

There are fast readers out there folks! Just one glance and everything is read.

One of my friends can read that fast.

Both of us would pick a book this moment. I would watch her from the corner of my eyes flipping pages while I’m still trying to start reading my first page.

I did tap her shoulder and asked, “Are you reading those pages?” She did answer, “Yes! Why? Haha, you think am just flipping without reading? Think again!”

I had once tried to read as fast as she could but ended up meddling with my cognition.

We are all different when it comes to reading ! We are different in every way. One person could read a five-hundred-word write-up in sixty seconds while someone else could read the same in a six to ten seconds and yet another in a glance.

You might feel like going to return those likes to show appreciation or…. revenge. Throw the revenge away. We are all matured here. Anyway, If you can’t read as fast as them, do not go to their blog and do the same. Visit their blogs and engage with one or more posts. Show the way. Shine your light.

Apart from a photo blog or petty short posts, I find it hard to return so many in one sitting. For me it’s unrealistic. I would either read two or three of your posts at a time and visit later for more. There’s always something to learn from all the posts.I come across.

I’m truly thankful for that glance cast on my post, I see admiration in it – a part of being matured you may say but, I’m thankful. Truly I am. ❤

What’s on your mind? If it’s related to this post, leave a comment.

Have a blessed Sunday!❤