No Further Trial

“On an account of a mental disorder, the defendant is not criminally responsible. He won’t undergo further trial but will be taken into the custody of designated mental Institution. However, parents of the defendant will see to the plaintiff’s damages within five months from now.”

Few minutes later, Ikenna watched the 22-year-old old boy who set his new car on fire, walk away with his parents and felt like yelling at someone else who needed to be heedful.


3 thoughts on “No Further Trial

  1. Sometimes you wonder if the law always ‘does justice to justice’. Many have been subject to injustice because of the ‘letter of the law’. In such a case, one can only hope that time and chance will rectify the wrong done.

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    1. Exactly. So much injustice happening in court. It’s always about the battle between the lawyers and who wjns. When they say ‘get yourself a good lawyer’ you’ll surely understand. Thanks for your comment and observation. I’m grateful👍👍


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