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My thoughts, emotions, ideas once not expressed riot inside my brain like the molten magma inside the volcano looking for a way out. When the upsurge stretches the brain cells, and there is an eruption, I feel them popping up and the feeling this brings is terrible.

Writing is like talking through your hand and talking through the hand brings special good feeling. It subdues strong negative emotions and makes the writer less emotional. It relaxes, heals and mends.

When I sit down with my pen and paper in a serene environment – at the point when the pen in my hand hooks up with the paper before me. I feel like there are no problems in my life anymore.

Without speaking and writing, ideas would be locked up within our brains. So I’m grateful for both means of expression and most especially for writing. Writing makes expression a lot easier.

Millions of books have been written and most of these have helped to shape our world. This is the best part.