I can’t walk for a few minutes on heels without feeling the burning pressure all over my body, soul and spirit. In spite of this, I wear heels. I need to! The longer the heels, the better!

Come on, “all” ladies should look gorgeous when going to a certain event and high heel is synonymous to such outing. That’s one of the many ladies headaches, just like making up before leaving the house.

So I wear heels and I walk on them, certainly.

When I do, after some time, each step I take begins to feel like hell. It brings an excruciating, warping pain. I suck it all up and keep working. Working hard to keep walking in pain.

Think about a thousand steps bringing a thousand pain!!

This makes me to think about how foolish someone like me could be. Why should I keep on with an experience that brings me so much pain?

To look good? To satisfy somebody else’s sense of sight? Someone who probably doesn’t care?

Is this even enough reason?

If someone is sick and is going through some pain, they have a good reason – what option do they have than to bear such pain? Pain is part of their recovery process, so they endure this pain 👍💯

It’s enough reason to bear the pain of childbirth – to bring life forth in pain is plausible. 👏👏🤝

To take up punches from a hardened boxer or wrestler when you’re determined to take a champion’s belt home is sensible. 🤛🤛🤛

To walk barefoot on thorns and lie on thistle is not realistic.

To abandon the skin to mosquitoes so they could feed is, what?

There should be a good reason for enduring or bearing any pain or we give what is causing us pain no chance to inflict us. We keep fighting until we are totally free.

Do you have a good reason for enduring that pain? That mistreatment? Do you have a good reason for taking and enduring that brutal punch? Is the struggle worth the outcome?

People die because they were set to tolerate toxicity and endure brutality.

Am I ruling out endurance? No. I only support enduring for a good cause.

I will wear my heels but I will always, always carry my comfy shoes along.👟 👟.

Have a blessed Sunday😍💖