Does Drinking Help With Writing?


While some writers say writing drunk is good, some scowl at it as being unrealistic. Some have experimented with writing drunk and have come to the conclusion that it’s completely useless. They only think that the writers who write drunk are “functional alcoholics” who are able to succeed in their writing despite the excessive drinking and not because drinking makes their writing possible and better.

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  1. This is such an informative piece. It’s good to see things from different perspectives. Although I’ve read about a couple ‘drunk writers’, I haven’t actively researched the matter.
    I don’t drink to begin with. But what works for one doesn’t work for the other. One can only hope those who do (for whatever reason) don’t lose themselves to it.

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  2. It’s pretty rare that I drink while I’m actually writing, as it tends to make me a little fuzzy and I prefer to stay clear-headed while I’m at the writing desk. However, I’ve been known to indulge in a brandy, whiskey, or dry red wine AFTER writing a particularly hard or emotional scene.


    • Many writers say it helps to have a little drink in the process. The problem though lies in overuse which is the case with most writers who turned alcoholics as a result..Thank you Crystal, for leaving a comment🌺

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  3. It never actually occured to me to drink and write. I suspect I work better with a clear head. But also I write better first thing in the morning and don’t do nearly as well in the evening when I might be more likely to drink a glass of wine.

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    • Early morning and sober to me is the best. There are writers who also didn’t mix writing and drinking. As a routine, Maya Angelou, Edith Sitwell and some other writers got up early morning with a cup of their sides to write. . Thank you, Sarah, for dropping a comment💖


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