Today, I watched as a spray of herbicide fell on the weeds growing by the roadside and felt pity for those weeds.

They will be dead in the morning – I will pass through that path and will not see them again.

Even though they are weeds – unwanted plants which shouldn’t be there in the first place, thriving where they’re not wanted, I thought about how much they probably would love to live.

They were thriving and even as what will kill them fall on them, they still thrived.

This reminds me of people who are thriving where they are not wanted, who are facing brutality because they’re where they’re not suppose to be. I feel for them as I feel for these weeds.

Back to my weird feelings– this is not the first time I’m feeling this way towards things or people who deserved to die.

It’s a funny feeling as well as weird because Im an odd fellow in this case (except my mother who doesn’t kill a mosquito. At least I kill mosquitoes when they perch on me sucking my blood. She would drive them away instead.πŸ˜€. Too much abnormal compassion you may say but, it’s a thing of the heart.)

I’ve asked myself severally, is anything wrong with me?

Is it normal to feel pity for someone or something that deserves to die?

Is it normal to see a cockroach, scorpion, snake or a bee where they are not supposed to be and leave them there, just because I won’t want them to die?

Talking about the scorpion, I saw one on a neighbour’s wall in the eveone evening while returning home and all I felt was goosebumps. I picked something to kill it but couldn’t because I didn’t want it to die .

Here is a dangerous arachnid with a venom that could kill in few minutes. It shouldn’t be allowed to live. That was what I told myself as I tried to kill it, yet I couldn’t.

I kept an eye on it and waited for someone to come along and help me kill it.

As if it knew I wouldn’t kill it, it stayed put where it was. It only made move to escape when it’s killer came along.

I couldn’t watch the killing because just imagining it was heart-wrenching.

Although I’m not against people killing plants and animals, either to eat or for personal reasons, I am definitely against killing animals and plant for no reason at all. I see it as animal brutality.

Again when people are scambling for a killer be killed instantly, I would rather he or she be jailed for life.

I couldn’t watch people stone people to death. I couldn’t watch people being hanged or shot dead in real life.

During festive periouds, people kill animals. That’s okay. I eat meat too without thinking about the life that went out of it but secretely, I pitied animals all over the world during this time. Again, this is no joke!

When I see an animal awaiting slaughter, I feel deep deep pity that my eyes moisten.

I would love to eat that chicken but could hate someone who killed it for me to cook with.

I could go on and on.

Whatever this feeling is called, I know it’s not normal and I really want it to stop but the truth is, it gets worse as I grow older.

Who else feels this way? Am I alone?