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I adored the way you stood

Glamorous and full of life

You were a shelter to me

From the fury of the rays

With you I loved to sit

To muse and contemplate

Your gentle peacefulness

Rejuvenated my slacking head

And your exhalation

A gush of my fresh breath

But I’m startled to behold

That your esprit has quit

I see your lifeless limbs

Stained with dried slashes

Your blankets lay

At your withered sole

Tears of my spirit ebb

As my thoughts keep raw

How could a creature

So full of life cease to abide

I look around and glimpse

Many of your kind still breathe

Fragrance from their bouquets

Still ooze into the vicinity

Enclosing the niche you inhabited

Whatever snatched your spirit away

Could have taken theirs too

Why you, from among the bunch?

My requiem should by moments grow!

I lean on your remains

To feel your ever-supportive trunk

I see these incredible tiny sprouts

Springing from your withered stiff?

Are you in there?

Still holding life in death?

Whatever happens

I’ll remain here with you

Until I see your blossom again.

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©Florence Ezkafor