Through her veiled heart, she sees him search everywhere

She knows he searches for her but lets him search anyway

She loves the way his desperation feeds on his scepticism

And the way he determines to never drop his bundle

She admires the beads of sweat his entire being emit

The way they easily get replaced as soon they are driven.

It’s a wonder he catches sight of no one out of a myriad

Her heart secretly flows to him, her entire being with it.

But her heart he must buy with a prized hesitation

It’s certain he’ll never give up on his dream inamorata.

She will let him wait and search just a little while longer

Soon she’ll pull off her veil, her whole heart to give,

But she finds him knotted to loveliness with willingness to settle.

She’s shocked to listen to what the multitude say,

That he has found for himself, the perfect one.