“Who is wise? One who listens to every man..”
One who educates himself – who knows that to improve and grow, one needs to learn new things, One who is disciplined – who has self-control, one who doesn’t take stupid risks – who doesn’t jump into the sea without learning the hazards, one who acknowledges his faults and learns from them – who is never arrogant or pretentious, one works hard to maintain a good relationship with others – who seeks for advice from those better than him, one is patient – who is sympathetic or considerate, one who accepts instructions – who is humble/gentle, one who can deal with rejection – who doesn’t cry over failure but sees it as an opportunity to improve, one who knows his preferences – who knows what his priorities are… Now, who is a wise person, to you?
“Who is strong? One who overpowers his inclination…” One’s inclination is what makes one act in a particular way. The driving force of desire to do certain things can be tremendous; a great challenge takes only special power to overcome.
Who is rich? One who is satisfied with his lot…” It looks like there is no rich person on earth; even the richest person on earth isn’t satisfied with his wealth. Who is that person that is satisfied with his wealth? I’m searching for the one who is satisfied with his lot. I’m sure he or she exists – that’s the real rich one.
“Who is honourable? One who honours his fellows…” One who respects others and tolerates them, one who admires something good in others. That one deserves to be honored.

Have a blessed Sunday!