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If You Are Like Me, You Must Write Daily To Keep Writing

Hello my WP friend. How are you doing? I hope you are safe and happy. It has been wonderful having you around to read my posts and like and comment to cheer me on. I’m grateful for the time you spend each day on my blog. I am thankful for every second, minute, hour, day, week, year, years tof this blogging experience with you to support and make me feel good about myself and my writing. Thank You.❤

During this past year of blogging, I learned something about myself and my writing. I found out that writing daily keeps my writing inspiration alive. This means that I must write and post daily to keep writing. Any day I failed to put something down on my blank sheet, it would take weeks or even months for me to write ( post again). This is a simple truth.

To explain this further, assuming I’m so busy in a day with other things that I couldn’t find time to write, it would take long for me to write again.

This explains the long pause on my blog sometimes. Long pause means I fail to write a post in a day and eventually exhaust my scheduled post and left with nothing but a blocked head or writer’s block.

Writing daily prevents writer’s block for me and not writing everyday nourishes, i sit to write, nothing comes to mind. I search for topics and read other posts, nothing. The word flow is gone. Nothing to do.

In May, I started a personal writing challenge on my blog to write haiku daily for thirty days, I couldn’t complete the challenge🙈 even though I forced myself to complete it. I was doing well until I missed on day and the rest were history. I was able to complete 15 days without a stop though.

Making daily post is hard with so many commitments. However, I need to force writing into my daily to do list. I usually write better in the early hours of the morning when the mind is well rested and ready.

I encourage you to write everyday.


Florence Ezekafor View All

I'm a food scientist who has chosen the path of creative writing- the one thing which comes to me naturally.
Back in 2013, my love for teaching young learners propelled me into picking teaching as a career. I taught English, Maths and Science in the United Arab Emirates where I lived for ten years. Right now, I live in Coal City, a beautiful hilly area of my country Nigeria.
My website Fiez-writer is a product of my extreme desire to share my writing with the world. Here, I share fiction, poems, thoughts and writing tips.
A huge part of my life is spent with my lovely family and I'm a proud mother to three brilliant kids.

12 thoughts on “If You Are Like Me, You Must Write Daily To Keep Writing Leave a comment

  1. Oh my word. but I am exactly the same. If I find a reason not to write, I utterly fail to get back to it again for days and even much longer. Writing something, anything, seems to inspire so much more, otherwise the writing head just goes to sleep if the page remains blank that day.

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    • Haha. Nice reading this. My word flow seems to come from daily writing. Once I spend a day without punching the keys or putting pen to paper, forget it, it’s days or weeks or even months of struggling to stand back up and write. Glad to learn the same thing happens to someone else. Thanks for sharing your experience. I appreciate it.


  2. It’s great to set a goal and stick to it. But sometimes, life takes over and we must lower our own expectations a bit. But definitely being responsible towards writing is like any other discipline or job. There must be a certain level of sincerity and seriousness.
    Keep writing. 🙂

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    • Thank you, Terveen🙂. I agree with you. It takes sincerity/discipline to stick to the goals when each day has countless reasons to stay away from writing, procrastination becomes an issue when we give in to these life’s hassles.

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