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Famous Authors Who Self-Published After Several Rejections

Traditional publishing is almost impossible to access for aspiring authors and the reason is apparent. Each manuscript before a publishing company passes through brutal scrutiny aimed at marketability. Any manuscript screened out will never make it until it meets up with the strict requirement which could take a long time and several revisions and more rejections. Sometimes, out of desperation, a writer changes everything about a manuscript just to suit the taste of traditional publishers.

Some writers when they can’t bear rejection anymore decide to dump their manuscript just like the publishers dumped them. But that’s absurd when such thing as self-publishing exists.

With Self-punlishing within grip, a writer doesn’t have to cast a rejected manuscript away anymore.

Famous authors below got the attention of the publishing companies only after they self-published their rejected manuscripts. We all have one or two things to learn from their wise step.

Robert Kiyoski

Robert Kiyoski

In 1997, Robert Kiyoski wrote Rich Dad Poor Dad. But he had problems getting his book published. The book was rejected by numerous publishers and literary agents, so Robert Kiyosaki decided to self-publish his book. Today, Rich Dad Poor Dad has sold 40 million copies and was among New York Times bestsellers for more than six years.

Liza Genova

Liza Genova

Lisa Genova’s Still Alice was brutally rejected by numerous publishers until she decided to self-publish it in 2007. Still Alice gained her popularity. In 2009, Simon and Schuster republished her book. It was later adapted into a film that won an Oscar in 2014.

Andy Weir

Andy Weir

Andy Weir knew that his book The Martian would never get the attention of the traditional publishers. He decided to post a small portion of it on his blog. Readers liked and appreciated his work. This gave a lot of encouragement. He self-published The Martian and became the #1 bestseller on Amazon. Today, his book has sold about three million copies and The Martian film became a big hit and Oscar nominee.

Beatrix Potter

Beatrix Potter

In the early 1900s, female authors faced discrimination and did not get the attention of publishers. At that time, Beatrix Potter wrote her book The Tale of Peter Rabbit and got rejected. She picked the courage and self-published her book and attracted the attention of the publishing house where she got rejected and The Tale of Peter Rabbit goes on to sell up to 45 million copies.

Margaret Atwood

Margaret Atwood

Double Persephone was an award-winning book of poems self-published by Margret Atwood. Her poetry book gave her initial success.

In Conclusion

If you are an aspiring or an established author with a rejected manuscript, do not look down on self-publishing and see it as a dumping ground for badly written books that couldn’t get the attention of traditional publishers. Go ahead and self-publish. You will be surprised at how much attention of the traditional publishers your book will attract when it begins to sell big. You will be called to sign a book deal. Do not dump your book as Useless no matter how bad you think it is. Think about the time and effort put into it.

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