Welcome to a world of exciting short stories; non-fiction fiction, flash fiction, excerpts and musing and poems.

The contents of this website are created from the scratch with entertainment in mind. Although some of the stories are real, names and places are not true and so should not be taken seriously.

There’s great humour in most of the stories and of course, something to ponder over and probably learn from.

We can’t be perfect but we can be good, better or best. – Florence Ezekafor

When we work hard to be perfect we achieve the very best. – Florence Ezekafor



FLORENCE EZEKAFO – A product of University of Maiduguri – a highly creative person-a self publishing author who work through tooth and nail to reach the targeted goal – becoming a well known published writer and making something in return for sweating on the pen and paper.

Writing to her is fulfilling – she gets to tell the untold stories and other literally work to intertain, inspire, amuse, encourage and teach.

She has three wonderful children and a very supportive partner.

She loves and depends solely on God. Man can fail but God never fails.

She has this to say to her readers;

Read to learn, learn to teach, teach to retain.


Thanks for being here today. Hope to see you again and again.

Happy reading!

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