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This is one place readers visit for interesting blogs, short stories, flash fiction, excerpts, poems, musing, writing tips and many more

The quality contents are originally created with interest of the readers in mind; to entertain, tickle & amuse, teach, inform, inspire, motivate, and touch., In all, it’s a wonderful experience here at florenceezekafor.com

Enjoy the great humour in most of the stories and of course, something to ponder over and probably learn from.

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I’m Florence Ezekafor–, the sole owner and content writer of this website. My mission is to impact lives through and change the world through writing. I fell in love with writing at a very tender age but as a hobby until years ago, I realized I could do more with my rich mind. This website came into play as a result – to serve as my work-place; where I can always share my stories, ideas, thoughts and also meet, interact with and grow with online community of writers. I have a number of books I’m working on presently. Gradually they’ll be made available to readers.

Great to have you.

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